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  1. Nick Connell


    We've got a 161 and has been really good. We normally use an AP300 battery. You can get a lot of work done with it. Much nicer to use than a 2 stroke!
  2. Nick Connell

    The who can get most outraged at bad treework thread.

    Lovely Oak Pollards in Ashford!
  3. Nick Connell

    Clocking in

    We use an App called Rotacloud. Keeps track of everything for you then
  4. Nick Connell

    Commission for staff/Finders Fee?

    Over the years one of the down sides I've noticed of encouraging weekend work is some guys will start using your jobs as recovery time so they can put full effort in on their jobs.
  5. Nick Connell

    Fence removal

    We've got a post puller and works a treat pulling the post out with the concrete on. Hole already dug!
  6. Nick Connell


    I got my kit from Sorbus and they give you training on it. I am not sure what particular course would help in the interpretation that's really down to years of general experience of trees and understanding what the kit can do for you and like most things time on the kit.
  7. Nick Connell


    Normally a Resistograph is chosen over a Picus either for the application or cost. Micro Drill - £7k Picus - £20K A Picus is really only useful on trees over 450mm diameter so anything less would be Microdrill territory. Micro Drill takes about 30 seconds to set up and use with instant feedback but only a snap shot of what's going on in the tree Picus takes about 30mins - 1hr depending on tree, measuring points, access etc but gives you more of an over view. I've got a Picus 3 and a Micro Drill. It's best to work both together as you can do a few drills to see the best location to do the Picus. Also the results of the Picus can sometimes be misleading for many different reasons and you would need to cross check with a drill before felling a tree for instance on the strength of a tomograph.
  8. Nick Connell

    Interesting kit

    I've got a micro drill for sale if anyone is interested- like new condition
  9. Nick Connell

    How to add a normal video clip

    It doesn't seem to let me on my iPhone. When I transferred it to my computer it was 100mb. What's best way to compress it?
  10. Nick Connell

    How to add a normal video clip

    How do you now add a video clip. Seems different from last time. I've got a video of the pikeys stealing my kit!
  11. Nick Connell

    Large processor needed

    I use a vertical splitter to split the large rings in half then put them through my Splitta 400
  12. Nick Connell

    Outdoor CCTV

    Have a look at CCTV42 website they have a good guide on choosing the system and the difference between camera quality so you can understand what your buying
  13. Nick Connell

    Software for drivers

    We use a bit of software called Fleetio. The guys all have an app and can add faults, service, fuel etc
  14. Nick Connell

    Boxer skid steer opinions

    Boxer UK have gone as we used to know it - luckily! Steel Viper are now the Uk agents and actually understand what customer service is and are able to get parts for all boxers. Not sure how many machines they stock but pretty sure they have most models here already.
  15. Nick Connell

    Customer still in bed!

    You don't want customers like that!


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