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  1. found these walking in wales at new year- bundles consist of a few poles, and then a load of branches, wrapped in baler twine and cut to length. Must be biomass i decided.
  2. I can take logs at my forest school site at an ashford infant school. If it was after school time or weekends, then we could also take clean (no thorns) chip.
  3. That is crap- nothing is safe. Firewood processor stolen from a few villages away early this week too. Canterbury area- clearly these people know what they want, and how to use it, or sell it to someone who does. Will keep a lookout locally.
  4. That is what I heard, also that there was something on the carriageway in the slow lane- so pulled off onto hard shoulder. There should defo have been a height warning on the bridge above the shoulder- Miracle it han't happened before- how many oversize loads go up and down the M20- only a few years back every weekend for weeks, all the poles for the windfarm at Dungeness went down the 20 to jn 10- good thing they werent going the other way!
  5. Very close to me- The bridge has been undergoing work for some years- and is wrapped in blue mesh, visible on the pics. Although the digger is being blamed, its not overheight, and there have been reports of the low loader swerving suddenly onto the shoulder to avoid something large in the slow lane. My money is on a chunk of bridge dropping off, low loader swerves and either bridge collapses, or right over on the shoulder, the digger is too high. I have been driving under this bridge for years, and its always looked bad- its been wrapped in construction fabric more over the last 20 years than not. If that fell down without even moving the digger- it was gonna fall anyway IMO.
  6. I run a community interest company Forest School- check us out http://Www.outofourtree.org We use hand tools with children every session, and would be able to use all of these tools. The gouges are great for bowl making, small screwdrivers can be used for basket making and willow weaving- hand drills and brace n bit are our bread and butter tools. I can collect, but I'm in Ashford Kent- but coming to Treefest at Westonbirt on the B/H weekend. Happy to come to bristol snd collect then, or offer to buy tickets for your family to come to treefest and collect them from you in person then.
  7. Keep a watch out- neighbours have informed me that we were targeted again at our Forestry site in Abergavenny. Exactly the same MO as 18 months ago- gates cut with hacksaw. Between 6.30-8.30 last evening, Llanfoist. Don't know exactly what has gone yet- but as they risked being trapped in broad daylight, presume it was a stolen 4x4 and trailer that they were using.
  8. Those couplings need to have 4 mounting bolts as well- dixon bate specify that 4x mounting bolts must be used at all times.
  9. I am in Ashford, so will keep an eye out as well.
  10. Bloody lucky eh- glad you both ok, and shame about the truck. To be snaking at just 40 mph is bad- i have a hilux, and regularly tow an ifor TT105- and it tows beautifully even when very heavily laden and at upto 75 mph too. How high was the load? Its your trailer, so you are used to towing it- was one - probably the rear- axle loaded a lot more. Loading the front axle helps prevent snaking- I had an ifor LM146 with full height rear ramp- and that snaked even empty due to the weight of the ramp so far behind the rear axle, and the weight so high up. I have always eased off and let the vehicle slow on its own- i definitely would not want to be speeding up, with some of the things i have been carrying over the years.
  11. It was being surveyed on wednesday 8th june and resistographed to ascertain extent of internal decay. No official update from 'the friends' yet.
  12. Looking at the picture- that window next to the 'new' garage- where the bricks underneath are all a different colour- I would suggest that that used to be an integral garage! Just a thought!
  13. Only you can know how much you love the house. Put it this way- at least its obvious now- and plain to see. Think how you would feel if shortly after buying, cracks started appearing everywhere. All that looks quite repairable, and its a lovely looking house. IF you feel that you can work out the problems, and live through the remedial building work- go for it. A LOT of people would steer clear= plenty of scope to get the house at a huge discount. Looks like classic fixer upper territory to me. I would buy it, fix it, enjoy it-then sell it on later for a lot more money. Houses that have documented evidence of subsidence repairs sell well, and if the builders do a good job, and supply the necessary certificates, you should have no problem selling on. Look how many grade II listed houses get subsidence and are repaired, they are still worth millions!
  14. I had a brand new one- which after 6 months was stolen in a break in. I hated it. I found it heavy to use, with no decompressor,it needed a hard tug to start- and after very little use the flippy caps started to play up. I bought a used ms260 and loved it. I definitely would not buy another one!
  15. Been looking all over for somewhere suitable- best results seem to come from a known contact, tather than a random enquiry through the land registry. Its also very difficult to suss out a suitable area, when there is no public access, so having a recce is tricky. Any and all leads welcome.


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