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    Wood Carving, lathe turner, chainsaw carving
  1. Gardenmac

    Some recent pieces

    All good Si, Been working with Clay rather than the saws. Hope to get back carving in the next few weeks, potential work on a commission for a school so best get the saws out soon.
  2. Gardenmac

    First few carvings of the year

    Great work and seriously that Hedgehog is the superb. They will fly out in garden centres.
  3. Gardenmac

    Some recent pieces

    Nice work Si, love the character in the owls
  4. Gardenmac


    That'll be a popular carving at this time of year.
  5. Gardenmac

    New to this forum

    Great piece of work. I bet that didn't hang around too long. Welcome and looking forward to seeing more carvings.
  6. Gardenmac

    Bit of fun

    Mousey Thompson would be proud of that. Great job Rick.
  7. Gardenmac

    Husqvarna Top Handle for Carving

    Top handle doesn't give you the control for carving, not a safe option unless you have the wrist strength of Kong and the skin of Godzilla. Rear handle give you the grip n control.
  8. Gardenmac

    Golden Retriever

    Like it and love the expression you have caught.
  9. Gardenmac

    Owly offerings

    Like the style of these Si, very effective.
  10. Gardenmac

    Owl in the making

    Nice work, like that.
  11. Gardenmac

    Latest Owl

    Thanks Si, still got a bit to do, but will thin down the wings and tail and then make an attempt on the face. Will try to call in at some point.
  12. Gardenmac

    Latest Owl

    Thought I'd have a go at a flying Owl.Still got the detail, burn n sand etc to go.
  13. Gardenmac

    Another Owl.

    Thanks Ian, will be trying your advice on the next batch.
  14. Gardenmac

    Wee squirrel

    Great carve.
  15. Gardenmac

    Another Owl.

    Hey Ian, no offence taken, just glad of the feedback. I get really frustrated at what I produce as it's never the same as what's in my head. Many thanks for the comments and if you have any tips on shaping the talons. Do you use saw, dremel or carving chisels?


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