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  1. Yes,on. Council stuff mostly disamantles over phone lines a lot,on storm stuff tomo I think,try get some pics up!beecraigs should be messy lol...
  2. Nice 1 tom,we got 90 mph winds up here carnage!
  3. Try rhododendron (ponticum),if you have it near you...
  4. 550,560 if you like a quick reving saw for limbing,sneding small stuff
  5. Tell the guy too give as good as he gets no matter how shamefull it sounds,how I learned? working in the forestry with 10+ cutters for over ten years...
  6. Husky 353 what the fencers in my work use!
  7. nice landy tom lookin foward too seeing it...
  8. i put in 12 hours most days though thats down to traveling alot but i feel your pain bro - hindge is nice, you clearly are skilled with a saw nice work...
  9. <p>johnny,you want some firewood?,im dismantling a reasonible sized ash tree tomorrow just up the road from you mate...</p>

  10. <p>awrite mucker,you still in the naughty corner ha ha,been in beecraigs a few times since youve been aff been felling,winching,logging and doing the windblow in the old archry bit plus we have been abusing your tool belts and leavers haaaahaaaa all the boys in the mill are missin ye and hopin your coming back mate....ps your tractors aw fixed and waitin fur ye theres tons of 3-7ns and 3 meters lyin about roadside to do...aw well hopefully see you soon back site do some cutting take care mucker...</p>

  11. no need to reply this ad unless its weekend work as i have got weekday work now cheers...
  12. wylie


    From the album: stuff

  13. wylie


    From the album: stuff

  14. wylie

    From the album: stuff

  15. wylie


    From the album: stuff

  16. wylie

    AL BOY

    From the album: stuff

  17. wylie

    AL BOY

    From the album: stuff

  18. hi barney,yeah ive pm'd him about it and left a voice mail on his mob so hopefully i'll get a wee call from him soon..cheers mate..
  19. wylie

    Black ops 2

    any of you guys play battlefield 3? add me, l Dirt Dawg l


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