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  1. Python

    Snake Attack!

    It's a eastern hognose..... Virtually harmless unless your a frog! the venom of heterodon sp is gonna sting a little but that's about as much as its gonna do
  2. Na that's not a horse fly, that's a hornet mimic hover fly "Volucella zonaria"
  3. These guys will breed in pretty much anything from a huge lake to muddy puddles as long as there's bugs in the mud then you'll find them
  4. Birch Cherry Cherry Pittosporum
  5. The link Tommy b put up is from the butcher that I use and I can 100% say the meat in this place is amazing! The biltong can be bought shredded or whole and is definitely worth a try they often have random biltong too..... Kudu.... Zebra etc
  6. It's a female steotoda bipunctata / rabbit hutch spider. One of the false widows but I wouldn't worry she'll just wander off and find a dark cupboard to call home.
  7. Tricky one that! I've worked on rights of way, bridle way/ footpath contracts before and unless your prepared to walk the paths first you might find a few nasty surprises, we came across quite a few that had been neglected for years and ended up spending a week doing a path that you only get 5/6 hour allowance for. But If the last contractor has been honest then it shouldn't be too bad
  8. Looks good! That hardest part will be stopping the locals trying to smoke it!
  9. Ah I know her well I lived round the corner in gonville for 25 years, she's not looking very well :-/ she's always had a very healthy crown how she's survived round there is a miracle!
  10. Hmmm that's not on shephall way is it by any chance?
  11. Love the blue tongue! Although I use(d) a spider jack daily not a prussik and when I did it was the skinny ocean plait stuff but it's a lovely rope to climb on
  12. Looks like ash to me? I've felled loads with weird and wonderful coloured heart wood, did some near a sewage plant a few years back and the timber was maroon and stank!
  13. James- "laid" always has been and always will be! On very rare occasions it's deep blue something's "breakfast at tiffany's"


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