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  1. Post hole diggers

    Probably these guys..The Original Hand Tool Manufacturer - Carters Other recommendation would be Fencing Tools, Drivall Electric Fencing Tools
  2. stock fence price

    Based on your description it would have to be around £6 to £6.5/m for me with £0.5/m for taking old one down (no disposal costs though). Assuming you run a post knocker and something to rip out old fence. All plus vat
  3. Employee Injury outside of work

    Ouch in more ways than one. If they are a genuine employee and "qualify" then its statutory sick pay (SSP) at £88.45/week (this is the minimum) for up to 28 weeks. You can pay them more if you wish
  4. Construction Industry Scheme

    Its a bit of scheme is the CIS...Assuming the work you describe falls under the CIS banner (I'll leave others to decide) then two points: 1) The main contractor will deduct a percentage form the amount you receive (usually 20%) which you can subsequently reclaim or offset at year end. The main contractor will need to verify your CIS status if not already done so. 2) Any subbies working for you on CIS sites will also need to be CIS registered and you will need to be registered as a main contractor. You will then be responsible for verifying them as bona fida, stopping the appropriate amount from them and paying it over to HMRC. You will need to provide them with a CIS payment certificate for their records. CIS deductions can only me made from labour elements of an invoice i.e. not materials, plant hire, skips etc etc. Hope that helps, feel free to PM me
  5. Fence post lifespan

    Can you expand on that? Always interested in reviews.
  6. Post Puller

    Did you buy this direct from post puller uk? I looked but thought they were big money??
  7. post and rail price

    Would agree with that, if I can get to around £5/m for the labour aspect then you can generally earn a decent days pay with the post knocker. Assuming 5x3 posts and 3 rails.
  8. Planting machinery.

    We run a Boxer with various augers and lovely bits of kit. Services hhmmmmmm "supposed to be" is about the correct phrase Here's a handy little gas pipe we hit at about 150mm. Are you contracting in to Local Authority/Council?
  9. Fencing on newbuild sites

    Will be very surprised if you dont have to put in a schedule of rates (i.e. price per metre). It will be price sensitive....
  10. Pulling out concrete post base

    Love it. Never tried a post puller/farm jack but often wondered about them. For us, if the post base has to come out, we dig down one side of old concrete to give it a space to crack. Then its concrete breaker out and split the lump out. If the old mix is good then normally out in two or three lumps. Most of the time its a case of staggering the new to span the old.
  11. Uniforms

    Just go skins and crack on..
  12. Fence panel shortage ?

    Big shortage here. Closeboard panels not a problem, 6x6 laps....
  13. Feather edge fence issues!

    Just out of interest, what rails and rail spacings have you used?
  14. Best panel van for towing?

    Have a look at the Transit range, some of the T350's will tow 3500kg legally and some of the mwb will do 2700kg I think.
  15. Feather edge fence post spacing?

    Two normals for us: 2.4m bays, 3 cant rails etc or 3m bays, as above except with centre stump


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