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    Great working condition. PUWER checked every month. Only reason for sale is that I’ve a big husky blower. Reduced in price 07581 074688




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    1x brand new 5 days old minimum miles 10mm tread as new. 3 tyres originals done 18k miles from new. Still with 6mm tread on cash and pick up only no offers £200



  3. This item is SOLD

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    Almost new, still has bobbles on. Bought for a job then used on the road (short trips)for 6 months but done less than 750 miles.


    Birmingham - GB

  4. Thanks GA. theres no rot and there is no slap what so ever now in the drive line as ive just spent nearly 2.5k on that alone. The chassis was covered by nexus with some stuff they use on oil rigs to keep the rust away. Will look at the faceache ads ta
  5. Buying, as i first wrote, i want a market valuation so i can make my mind up what to do with my business next thanks
  6. Hi G A Years 2000 189k Van Arken box intercooler air filter turned up turbo a little... do you know anyone/ dealer who understands 110 defenders?
  7. Hi all, I’m thinking about parting with my truck. I’ve pent a fortune over the last 6-7 years, so I don’t want to. Circumstances have changed and I’m travelling more miles and my chipper set up is 1.4 tonnes so it’s not that frugal when lugging it all around in and out of town. I’ve got 3 1/2 cube which makes it tight / heavy when you’ve already done a tip run and still go home with chip, Logs on and a bag of crape. I don’t want to phone a dealer to be told “ it books at£nothing” so does anyone know anyone i can talk to about a true market value of my LANDY? I don’t know wether I want to go through the cost hassle of an engine swap to something with much more power. It’s not standard now. thanks in advance
  8. Just checked the rollers stubby, your right, you learn something new...
  9. Yes its the x cut and its just the gold strap.
  10. I came across this when I first bought the new saw, just after they launched the chain. I don’t understand why husqvarna would develop a new chain, spending millions in the process. Now i am unsble to clip the roller over the tie strap. Ive used that roller for years. Fudging it when its new, free hand is one thing but i cant be messing about like this when the chain needs some really heavy sharpening down after hitting an absorbed foreign body in the cut. Or, wait for it, do i have to buy something else?
  11. This item is SOLD

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    Stihl MSA160T on 12” bar top handle chainsaw body only. Works as it should. No battery in the sale. This saw is sold body only. Bought new in October 2014 as shown on the PUWER sheet, last photo. Very little used. Great condition Sold as seen. Will demonstrate to the winner all works as it should


    Birmingham - GB

  12. Shires hi, the deal was sorted by Andy Gould. Andy put together a really fair px and arranged a really cheap finance deal. Dan engineered the tow pack and replaced some fairly big worn out bits. It’s a top job all round solid and strong. I’m very happy with it all?
  13. Mark it’s done all the things everyone said it would do, chips faster, fills the truck up quicker, be more involved in upkeep and from where I get out to work I can hitch up the trailer it runs on, pike all the equipment on I need for the day and drag the whole lot out to the truck, onto the job and move around onsite under its own steam if necessary or just use it as a standard road tow if it’s domestic work. I have managed to keep working, up to get, getting out of real muddy conditions and keeping all safe at night too.
  14. Guys thanks for your help. Just before Christmas I went the chipper route. Global Sales sorted and prepped this one for me, happy days
  15. GTS


    Hi Arbor Aero, go to the Arb association website and look up their docs. I don’t know for sure if they still do their own file on all the regs but they used to produce one which I picked up at the aa show years ago for £35. It has all the Loler, Puwer, Coshh etc and will give you a great place to start. Good luck
  16. Thank you very much for all of your help and considerations/ advice. The direction is a great help to me. Capacity or maxed out capacity in the system is I suppose what I’ve been grappling with. The mog/ chipper combo needs some proper time,thought and costing out, will try Atkinson vos. Failing this, then a larger tow behind still seems to be the big gain for smaller outlay if I can’t get decent money for the LANDY tipper.
  17. Hello all, i have had a quick look back at the old threads, tbh, my query is partially loaded towards my future earnings and not this tax year but I am pushing my arb130 harder now than at any point before. i am a small business but have been keeping things as tight as possible for a while now so, as work has the potential, when do you suddenly break out the wallet and say, that’s it, it’s time for a bigger road tow chipper to swallow all this domestic work? its possibly a basic business question but I didn’t go to college. your thoughts would be appreciated thanks Nathan
  18. Morning all, i am about to change my harness and am currently using hitch climber system with two strops for conny bashing and a spider jack and mini frog, for open tree work, if I’m feeling brave. My question is really that Petzl describes using a zigzag with the new srt style sequoia so would there be any reason not to use the srt harness grey attachment point under the main bridge for the spider jack. Making the whole climbing system tighter and compact giving you more rope to feed through both systems? Any thoughts please
  19. The Predator looks a bit of a bargain compared to the Greenmech QuadChip. Will it stand up to what the QuadChip will? Anyone with any experience of the yellow machine, pros and cons please Thankyou in advance Nathan
  20. Evening All, Stihl KMR articulated hedge cutter is jumping when under stress, cutting plus 8mm anything. Below is a mod for everyone to fix their hedge cutter. Apparently Stihl are working on their issues but as it is now hedge cutting season and we need working hedge cutters now, here’s a cheap fix. Below you will see I have ensured the sprung black handle on the main shaft will seat as closely as possible to engage the locating pin in as far as possible. Then step 2, get a hole enlarger approx£7 the set and widen each oval hole of the “U” shape bracket to 6mm round. This will ensure that the locating pin will seat inside the “U” shaped bracket correctly and be solid in the cut. Enjoy and happier cutting Nathan Robinson Gemstone Gardener and Gemstone Tree Surgery
  21. Hi all, i am looking for someone who can slot in some days working with me on the tree side of my business, potentially something every other week. You need to have ideally cs38/39 and ground saw, chipper tickets etc and the ability to do a short day and a long one if something goes south. No Pre Madonna’s Please! Good pay for the right person and I will not keep you waiting for it. Please phone me on 07581074688, it’s Nathan thanks
  22. Steve hi,

    its been a while since I've used my fungi ap but it doesn't work, ''tis the season...." so can you help/ advise what's going on? I'm on iOS do I need o buy it again, does it still exist?

    awaiting your kind reply

    all the best


    1. Steve Bullman

      Steve Bullman

      You might just need to delete it and reinstall it.  You won't need to pay for it again.

  23. GTS

    Insurance excess

    Think it was the 4th renewal with them
  24. GTS

    Insurance excess

    I lost all my no claims, just gone.


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