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  1. Local chap near us made a homemade version of the Posch. He powdered the netting tool with his timber crane and rotator. as far as I’m aware he was thinking of selling if you’re interest I can pass on his details.
  2. As per title. looking for a hydraulic driven, chain/live log deck to run with a processor. Based in West Yorkshire but can travel within reason. Chris - 07510726133
  3. It’s a Duvelsdorf grab. Although I’ve looked on there webpage and it doesn’t look like they still make them. Very similar to the kelfri in the ops post. Couple of pictures of the diverter valve and quick coupling plugs for electric to diverter, sussy style cable to go between for boom extension and self retracts. Found ours second hand in the farmers guide, lucky find as was already on brackets to fit the machine, although 300 mile round trip to get it home..
  4. We have one similar to the Kelfri that you’ve seen but maybe slightly stronger built. It’s on a JCB 530/70 loadall, brilliant bit of kit. Use it daily, in fact it hardly ever comes off the machine. Very precise, can pick individual logs out of a pile easily, stack them back up, etc. If you get an odd log fall funny on the log deck you can pick it out and place it back on. Was dubious when we first bought it but can definitely recommend. We even use it for stacking wrapped hayledge bales (only do about 50 so not worth having a squeezer), can knock tractor tyres off beads for punctures, picking big slabs off the mill, it’s surprisinging what you can use it for what you’d never think about especially with the rotator. Ours has grab and rotator, just bear in mind you’ll need a diverter valve (unless it’s already on the grab) to run the separate services. Machines usually have a third service but that service needs to be able to supply the grab and rotator so needs splitting. We run in a cable down the boom and wired it to the horn in the cab, when you want the rotator just press the horn to divert hydraulics to the rotator, with the grab getting the undiverted flow. Hopefully that all all makes sense..
  5. We’ve just bought a second hand Roltrac which I assume is similar to the trak-met’s. Never seen a trak-met in the flesh but the roltrac certainly seems we’ll made, all seimens motors, our has planking computer so cut thicknesses can be programmed in etc. I contacted them direct in Poland and they would ship one over direct, prices were similar to the trak-met if not slightly cheaper but not sure what lead time was as we found ours second hand about 30 miles away so it was a no brainer. There’s an identical machine to ours on eBay at the moment in Goole I think it’s of interest.
  6. Another vote for the osmo stuff here too, excellent product although not cheap..
  7. 😂, sorryyyyy. I’m in too minds to go for a Lucas/Peterson or bandsaw. Currently have a logosol m7 and Alaskan, but looking for something a bit quicker and easier. Been looking for a few months for both on usual places, Lucas keeps popping up on eBay which seems to be a con as is same pictures but always a different location.. Difficult to know what genuine and not on there these days!!
  8. Same here, has anyone got one they’re thinking of selling? Thanks Chris
  9. I assume you contacted him the first time round in that case? Spent half the day yesterday looking at haulage prices and messaging the guy. Damn annoying when you go through all that for it not to be legit!
  10. Yeah precisely why I’ve mentioned it on here to alert other potential buyers. Maybe I’m just being overly cautious, but something doesn’t seem quite right!!
  11. Hi all, not sure if I’m correct with this or if I’m just being overly cautious.. Currently a Lucas mill on eBay, as I’m sure most do emailed the guy to see what kind of money he wanted and half sorted a deal. Unfortunately it’s in Northern Ireland and I’m in West Yorkshire so got prices to move it back home. Now the guy will only accept bacs as payment, I offered to cover the PayPal fees just to give me cover but seemed to be a lot of excuses to why he wouldn’t accept PayPal.. Now isn’t replying to any texts or phone calls, initial text was that he’d been in a car accident and had lost hearing in both ears... Just a heads up really that it’s looking like a con!
  12. Hi Andy, potentially interested in some of the ash if you decide to sell? My number is 07510 726133 if you want to give me a call. Thanks Chris
  13. I bet you couldn't believe your luck when that came up for sale
  14. It's a fair way from you but this is currently on eBay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/332140347000 , not mine or anything to do with me. Also has the 660 to go with it by the looks with the narrow kerf bar fitted.


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