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  1. I wouldn’t wish the hassle of doing that on my worst enemies!
  2. The science behind forced log drying

    A ventilated shed floor usually for drying grain. Hot air blown through the product from below. Usually at lower temperatures than a kiln or traditional batch grain dryer but can do larger amounts in one go (depending on the size of the shed)
  3. Japa 370 processor premature bar wear

    Definitely! If it’s even slightly dirty you’ll get far more cutting between sharpens. It was a huge difference going from full to semi chisel. I’ll only use full chisel on really clean timber now even then it still doesn’t get through enough between sharpens. And therefore, whatever cutting speed you compromise on you will more than gain in more time cutting between sharpens.
  4. Weight of IBC cage full of split Ash

    Perhaps it has a release valve that is stopping it lifting too much?
  5. Japa 370 processor premature bar wear

    Semi chisel chains have a lot less of a tendency to pull over and wear the bar. I was getting wear on a solid sugihara before 10m3 through using full chisel Oregon chain but with semi chisel it’s done 50m3 and barely a sign of any wear!
  6. Weight of IBC cage full of split Ash

    Have you got a rear weight on? Counter balance is pretty important when you’re lifting anywhere near its limit.
  7. Weight of IBC cage full of split Ash

    Close to half a ton wet and around 300-350kg at 20% in my experience.
  8. How are your stocks holding up?

    Had 75t of hardwood in stock in November and it’s all gone. Drying throughout the winter and only just keeping up. Could sell loads more if I’d had it ready. More hardwood on order but everyone’s after it and the prices are going up and will rise further through the year I would expect. Softwood is particularly in short supply. If you have the money, buy some woodland!
  9. Chimney fire causes?

    Coming from the chimney stack rather than the stove I assume? My stove will make that kind of sound on lighting but thats down to the air draw through it while the primary air level is fully open.
  10. Chimney fire causes?

    This may be a daft question but... how does one become aware of there being a chimney fire if you’re sat in the house? Especially minor ones, aside from the wall potentially setting on fire I suppose?
  11. The science behind forced log drying

    A windy shed will be as good as anything. Especially during the summer! Split it down to your final needed size as soon as you can and it’ll dry out pretty soon.
  12. The science behind forced log drying

    Would it not be much simpler to leave it stacked up for 9-12 months? Most species wouldn’t be far off your target by then. Or don’t you have the time to wait?
  13. The science behind forced log drying

    My knowledge of the science is limited, but as I understand it the Lower the temperature a) reduces the moisture carrying capacity of the air b) slows the speed at which the water can escape the logs (can’t think of the fancy word for that) I would think it’ll still do a good job. I’ve heard of quite a few people using drying floors for logs. How quick their cycles are or how good their final product is I can’t comment. Why are you only aiming for 25-30%?
  14. The science behind forced log drying

    Subfloor prior to lifting into place.


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