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  1. Drying Firewood when RHI payments stop.

    Just to add to this thread a little more. Our RHI application amendment finally came through today after being submitted back in July 2017! Put the meter readings in and for Jan to April when we’ve been drying nearly non stop the payment is nearly 3/5ths of our entire tier 1 payments! The kiln isn’t our main heat use at all but the low temperatures and high log demand have certainly had an impact on the last quarter!
  2. what logs have you been chopping today!

    Cheers! Will be even better when it’s all set up where it’s supposed to be once the processor shed goes up in the next few weeks. Trying to figure out how to get an old 2.8litre Isuzu trooper engine we’ve got fitted up to power it so we can keep the tractors free first though! Yeah the 3rd roller is miles better and the chain feed is fantastic, so much less stoppages! It’s a great little thing, no sawdust gets past it and very few small pieces of log. If the timber had been sat for more than 4 weeks or been through a harvester i’m sure it would sieve off plenty of bark too. You can even shovel the brash from under the post splitter grate onto it and it’ll sieve out all but the thin logs. Makes it easier to keep the work area clean.
  3. what logs have you been chopping today!

    Finally got round to using the new deck for our Tajfun that Kilworth delivered last week. Can’t believe we’ve waited so long to get one, makes it all so much easier! Working through a nice pile of 3m long Ash, Sycamore and birch mostly. Excuse all the shit and wet about, still waiting for the land to dry up enough to get the muck spread so it’s bursting at the seams currently!
  4. By the Ton. It’s around about £55p/t delivered for hardwood in our area currently. A wagon and drag load will give us anywhere from 40-50 cube of loose logs by the time they’re processed.
  5. Splitting Eucaliptus

    Fresh unless you’ve got a big splitter. Our 22t had no bother with well seasoned big rings.
  6. You could add plenty on to your logs and still be quite a bit cheaper than the wood fuel barn. Might lose a few customers but no point doing it for nothing.
  7. I think you’ll have a job john. Everyone I’ve spoken to in the northeast is struggling with their own supply let alone the capacity to wholesale currently. And certainly not the capacity to supply multiple wagon loads of netted logs on a consistent basis. Most are set up for bulk bags anyway. No offence to you personally John, but those of us who produce our own from UK timber have been patiently waiting for the price of imported to go up until it’s not a viable business proposition anyway to be quite honest! Might be worth trying one of the big boys though like DJ Davies Fuels. I know they do the majority of the prepackaged logs for garage forecourts in the UK. They do kiln dried for mole valley farmers (with their branding) and the quality is excellent. Wether you’d be able to put that kind of thing in at your current price point or have to put your prices up significantly I don’t know. It’s worth an ask I guess.
  8. Oregon speedcut

    That was me, Oregon wouldn’t replace it because I used it but the dealer did because it was absolutely shagged from the word go. On to the second chain on that bar now and im pretty happy with it. As above, easily bent though and nowhere near as solid as the Sugi narrow kerf bar I have running 15”. Would’ve got the sugi for the 18 too in hindsight. The 550’s pull both 18 and 15 well but the 15 is pretty much relentless whereas the 18 will bog without trying too hard. Certainly faster than standard kerf though.
  9. Nets of logs

    Depending on your location try speaking to FJMatt on here.
  10. Sitka thinnings for logs

    North of England. That Sitka was sold out of kielder forest.
  11. Log Load Prices??

    £90 minimum for 1.2m3 really.
  12. Any good alternatives to CW flamers?

    I have to agree. The woodbioma sample was far better than the CPL, Certainly wood or wood wool UK firelighters I’ve tried. Easier to light, burns with a stronger flame, generally a more even size for each and don’t have any kind of odour to them either.
  13. Will the logs go mouldy?

    If you cant run over the logs/pallets to push up into them then you’ll struggle to fill a 1m3 bucket without a telescopic boom. Particularly if the heap isn’t very high. It can be difficult to fill a normal sized bucket with the skid steer on a concrete floor. Would imagine you’ll be smashing the crap out of the pallets underneath every time you go to scoop up.
  14. Any good alternatives to CW flamers?

    Will be doing in late summer for certain! I’ll pm you nearer the time.
  15. Any good alternatives to CW flamers?

    Why not? We’re all friendly here and We’re not in local competition. I’m not about to be buying firefighters with another firewood company’s logo on them if I can get them from source with my own logo on.


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