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  1. SbTVF

    Yard Crane

    A 13t over a 7.5t Takeuchi has very little extra reach, maybe 1.5m at most. You could easily make a small extension beam to mount the grab and rotator on to get more reach and still have plenty of payload to the grab. the hitch and trailer idea is also excellent for moving timber about the yard rather than tracking back and forth to the heap half a dozen times just to fill the log deck.
  2. SbTVF

    Yard Crane

    If you’re on hard standing a wheeled excavator would be ideal. Much quicker moving about the yard and won’t churn it up. Ours is mostly for digging though so w rubber duck would be no use for us. Pallet fork attachments can be had for excavators for about £500 too so plenty of uses. Id be looking for a tb175w 7.5t Takeuchi personally if we didn’t need tracks. You see plenty on motorway work that’ll not have had a hard life but will be high hours and therefore within your budget I imagine. personally would hate to rely on a front end loader for moving timber having had the 360 with grab for so long. They just have so many uses and so much better for loading the Timber deck as you can be much more precise and speed up processing as a result!
  3. SbTVF

    app not working

    Yeah same problem here
  4. SbTVF

    Is my 576xp missing a piece of AV?

    Thanks all, the 18” bar off the processor is the same mount so will get an 8 for on that, curious to try one on the processor anyway. Will stick with the 7 on the current 24” bar for now. Will do some research on upgrading to North America spec too. Am thinking of sending it to spud at some point anyway though for porting. Just want to be sure it’s running well as standard for now.
  5. SbTVF

    Is my 576xp missing a piece of AV?

    Excellent thankyou! That clears the up. I’ve given it a good clean up and all appears to be in order. Just needs a new sprocket, chain and bar eventually but a good dress up with do for the time being. Its on a 7 tooth sprocket currently which is the same as what our Tajfun runs so I have a spare, will an 8 tooth make the chain speed faster?
  6. Bought this Husqvarna 576 off eBay. Runs well but I feel like it’s missing a piece of the AV system. However, I can’t find the corresponding piece on the parts diagrams so I’m wondering if it is even missing a piece? In the attached picture it’s the bolt through the handle below the AV spring that I feel should have a spring of it’s own or a rubber damper that sits in that cup? pretty certain it’s got a snapped AV spring near the fuel tank though but it’s got half the spring there so I know what I’m looking for.
  7. SbTVF

    Government plans to tackle pollution

    I saw a figure today saying 7% of homeowners have a wood burner or open fire but they were creating 38% of particulate pollution in urban areas.
  8. SbTVF

    Government plans to tackle pollution

    Based on the consultation they did I would suspect they’ll ban the sale of logs over 20% moisture in smaller quantities. For example forecourts, supermarkets etc. Then they’ll expand clean air areas to areas other than towns and cities and ban sales of stoves that aren’t defra approved or efficient enough burning I guess. How they would police people burning dry wood I don’t know but stopping it being sold will be a start. Might end up with an illegal wet log black market [emoji23][emoji23]
  9. SbTVF

    New huskies in the heat

    Both of ours are 2013 and 9/10 times if you put them on the fast idle setting they start first pull. Under ‘normal’ conditions anyway!
  10. SbTVF

    New huskies in the heat

    My two 550s both did it today. If I didn’t start them back up within a few minutes then of switching them off they would not start. Working round an emergency water supply lagoon and felt like chucking the pair of them in! Had to let them cool in the shade before I could get them started again.
  11. SbTVF

    Nets of logs

    Pm me all the details, delivery address etc and I’ll get you a price?
  12. SbTVF

    Nets of logs

    Do they want it ready to burn or not bothered? Likely to be Regular order or one off?
  13. SbTVF

    Any new small charcoal retorts out there?

    Would be very interested in your plans if you were to sell them! Keep getting asked for charcoal so it’d be nice to offer it!
  14. SbTVF

    Nets of logs

    How many are they after? Hardwood or softwood?


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