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  1. SbTVF

    3mt Log splitter

    Considering the 40t 3m Balfor splitter I saw on Facebook over the weekend was £18,500 I would be inclined to advise you to ring it up or use a shorter one and cut the lengths down. You’ll probably find very few logs will actually want to split down evenly in such a way that you get a processable piece. It’s hard enough with a 1m splitter. And at that price you could buy a fuelwood splitta 400 and get beautifully consistent logs. I think you get far better consistency of split pieces by ringing and splitting with a vertical. You end with a lot of crappy pieces if you quarter and then process.
  2. SbTVF

    Frustrating new log customers!!!!

    I think they expect logs to arrive in an amazon box through the post box
  3. SbTVF

    Tajfun 400 joy

    Give Henry a ring at Kilworth. If he doesn’t know the best way then probably nobody does.
  4. SbTVF

    Hows the log sales going now

    4 calls before 9.30 this freezing cold frosty morning. Not easy to write down names and addresses when you cant feel your fingers! Been waiting for a cold snap like this to push the sales on though so it’s all good really. How’s everyone else getting on this season?
  5. SbTVF

    That's a first for me

    ‘Nowt queerer than folk’ as they say in Yorkshire! I love it when customers bitch like hell and call stove fitters all the names under the sun and then it transcribes they didn’t even use them, they just didn’t like the quote they gave them. [emoji1751]‍[emoji3603]
  6. SbTVF

    Fantasy to reality, hot saws... Spud? and others

    Perhaps he should wear ear defenders then?
  7. SbTVF

    what logs have you been chopping today!

    Weren’t that bothered actually. They well used to machine noise now they’ve been in a week or two.
  8. SbTVF

    what logs have you been chopping today!

    Been ringing up some big stuff before a mate comes with his vertical splitter today. Spud ported 576 on top of the job.
  9. SbTVF

    Fantasy to reality, hot saws... Spud? and others

    Love my spud ported 576xp. Been cutting some oversize firewood today and it really makes light work of it. Will probably have one our 550s done next year too I think.
  10. SbTVF

    Firewood cleaners

    Don’t I just know it too. So many supposed ‘best supplier in the area’ round here. Funny how many I get complaining about them! It’s mostly the sycamore that does that but we get a high percentage of sycamore in this area so need it out really. Think I’ll get a proper frame, legs and top sides build for this. Will do the job this year. Don’t know where I’d put a trommel until my brothers sheep have lambed and are out of my bloody shed!
  11. SbTVF

    Firewood cleaners

    Bodged this up today just to see what happened and I was very pleasantly surprised! A dumpy bag of dust and smashed bark from 10cube of bagged logs. It could easily be refined, however the bigger pieces of bark will still end up in the bag but it’s still a vastly cleaner product at the end I guess.
  12. SbTVF

    Firewood cleaners

    Drying firewood and then moving it again tends to create a lot of rubbish when bark/splinters/sawdust fall off the logs and end up in your customers bag of logs. We already use a brash separator at the end of the conveyor when processing but the only way we can store enough to see the season through is to tip it into dry storage loose then bag up loader bucket as demand requires. Does anybody use the trommel style cleaner made by palax/hakki pilke or the other style that they do along with posch also? I don’t want to end with complaints and I’d rather reuse it ourselves in the boiler than it go to waste when customers don’t want to use it.
  13. SbTVF

    softwood cord

    Its about £40 or more roadside fresh felled don’t see why it wouldn’t be at least £50 or more with it being sat a while!
  14. SbTVF

    Are air dried logs to be made illegal?

    The issue with the UK system though is that it was only intended to replace the use of fossil fuels so they shouldn’t have allowed log drying as a suitable use where it wasn’t already being undertaken by fossil fuels which the vast majority of kin dryers now definitely weren’t doing back then. They’ve literally created an industry financed by RHI through their shoddy legislation and shitty implementation of it as per usual. We kiln dry but the boiler was entirely financed by the farm and farm house. The log kiln is on the system but only uses maybe 15% of the output and it would still be cheaper to use (if they made us take it off the heat calculation) than putting up a great big shed on field space that we can’t afford to give up anyway. When we applied, all they asked for pretty much was that we were a business that had been operating for the last 10 years or something. Didn’t check that the log kiln was existing and being fired off gas. Then again, ofgem wouldn’t have hit their implementation targets if they’d said no to all those installations would they 🤦‍♂️
  15. SbTVF

    New Oregon EXL Chain - game changer?

    The verdict is in as far as I’m concerned. Lasts for almost twice as long as the old LPX. Did 26m3 of logs with the EPX and only 14m3 with the LPX both brand new. There was noticeably less stretch on the EPX too. Needed 1 less tension up over twice the cut volume. Sharpening now with my granberg precision so will see how it fares second time out. I’ve done videos of both and I think the difference in cut speed is marginally faster but maybe only split seconds at the most. Will try upload.


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