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  1. Hi i noticed a post that  you built a wood drying kiln.. did you manage to get plans? What was your spend to achieve this.


    I'm looking to build for 40 ft wood drying container kiln ).


    Any advice would be greatly received.





  2. https://www.facebook.com/JS-Vicary-Firewood-983892325004129/
  3. SbTVF

    "Clean Air Strategy" today we find out.

    Yeah same here. They'll never stop those who burn or sell wet wood on purpose though but they might reduce it a little. I don't think it'll achieve much overall but they just have to be seen to be making an effort I guess. Now to decide wether going woodsure accredited is worth the hassle or not.??
  4. SbTVF

    "Clean Air Strategy" today we find out.

    Looks like they will indeed introduce a ban on the sale of over 20% moisture logs under a certain volume at a time but not insist upon woodsure certifications for those who are selling sub 20% logs
  5. SbTVF

    "Clean Air Strategy" today we find out.

    https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-launches-world-leading-plan-to-tackle-air-pollution All the info there is so far! EDIT: Here's the rest of the info. No word on mandatory product assurance for log merchants that I can see yet? https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/clean-air-strategy-2019
  6. SbTVF

    New branch logger in action

    Not put the whole thing through for a start. Just lengths of timber sub 6" diameter
  7. SbTVF

    New branch logger in action

    Anybody even come across one of these before? Similar idea to the bulle s3 by the looks of it.
  8. SbTVF

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    No it doesn't make a lot of difference when you're braying down a field loading bales with the top half of the door open! The seals on the doors were always poor I though too. If the air con is broken its not an enjoyable experience. Nor loading bales in the dark with the moths joining you in the cab!!
  9. SbTVF

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Not hard to get a 50% reduction in noise when decibels are a logarithmic scales. If it was already 96dB it only needs to be approx 86dB to be a percieved 50% reduction!
  10. SbTVF

    Hows the log sales going now

    Slower right down after Xmas. Still taking on plenty of new customers which is a bonus so not a big slow down. Increased drying capacity though so we can take as much as mother nature wants to throw at us.
  11. SbTVF

    Tajfun rca 400 chain and bar

    Just put an 18" on and run 68 link chain. You need to adjust the end of the ram to stop it going too far back but otherwise its better in every way with 18" bar. Sugihara solid pro Gb Or cannon are all excellent.
  12. SbTVF

    Palax or Farmi

    If it was just that 100ton job a japa 700 would be plenty man enough for it an could pick up a second hand one for a few grand no problem. Tajfun is a great machine, I love mine. Needs 60hp+ tractor with weight on the front to move it but only 35hp to drive it. It'll fly through that softwood in no time. If you had a chain deck you could expect 1-4t an hour at those sizes. Considerably slower if you're loading off a second machine with forks or similar though.
  13. SbTVF

    How much kindling for a cubic bag of wood

    It really should be enough yes. I advise 3 nets
  14. SbTVF

    How much kindling for a cubic bag of wood

    According to my next door neighbour it's 12x 4kg bags [emoji23] I think he burns the kindling instead of the logs!


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