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  1. SbTVF

    Help/advice re. apprenticeships

    Would highly recommend Ben and his company. He is a sound, honest bloke to deal with and I’m sure he’d be a pleasure to work for!
  2. SbTVF

    Considering increasing our Firewood prices

    Luckily we secured ourselves a good supply this year and have plenty in with more coming almost weekly but the price have gone up £10 ton in the last 12 months because all the agents know how in demand it is and are expecting more. Prices going up accordingly of course but I’m expecting it to have to do so even more in not too long!
  3. 480 has an automatic knife height option but there is only@gdh in the UK that has that because it’s a £5k option. The rest of it is the same as the 400 but bigger. It’s about as fast as can be for a chainsaw processor, it’s ideal feed stock would be 8-14” material for best output. Capable of filling an IBC in 6 minutes in those situations I can do a 2cube container of softwood in 10 minutes flat but that was 12” perfectly straight 4m rejected saw logs. It’s the continuous nature of your machine that makes its output so good. If I could stand at the controls all day and not have to do anything but operate then I’d wager I’d do 40 cube no problem. What do you do with smaller diameter timber? Still feed it through? That’s always what slows me down. Thinking saw bench and not split would be better sub 5/6”
  4. SbTVF

    Tajfun 480 plus video

    I looked into the sawdust fans for our 400 but at £600 they’re a bit pricey when I’m pretty certain this would do http:// https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/cde35b-dust-collector/ the job at a third of the price. The sp10 does a cracking job and quite frankly I don’t see how you could possibly need the product any cleaner than that. Never had a complaint before it started using it! Seems totally unnecessary and I don’t know how you could justify it financially to one use one of those posch log fix things or similar!
  5. SbTVF

    Tajfun 480 plus video

    What is the max size of oversize you can drop in the 480? Struggle to get much over 18” in the 400 without it catching on the log stop ram or the side nearest the operator because the split channel isn’t really that wide is it. The uniforest 40/20 really looks appealing i have to say due to the larger split channel. It’s rare that we get much 16-19” timber. Seems to always be smaller or much bigger too 🤦‍♂️
  6. Hell of a testament to the machine to still be going after 20 years, especially with all the switches and sensors that it’ll undoubtedly have! You expect mechanical parts to go after time but electrics can sometimes have a mind if their own after time rather than just break. This type of machine would definitely be the way to go for us too if it was affordable. Just keep the deck loaded and the conveyor clear and away you go. Could be doing all manner of log related things during the day while it did it’s thing. How much saving over new was there on your unit after all your replacement parts if you don’t mind saying? Just roughly, not expecting an exact figure.
  7. SbTVF

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Can anybody suggest where I might be able to buy a manual rotator to fit between my baltrotor BR2 swing link and uni-forest 1500pro grab until we can afford a hydraulic set up? Buying enough timber stocks for the winter is taking precedence over toys currently!
  8. SbTVF

    vented sacks

    Mca Kingstone are the cheapest at that size I’ve found. Good quality too. Don’t think and vented bag helps speed drying though. Might get away with it this year but not on a normal year.
  9. SbTVF

    vented sacks

    Mca Kingstone are the cheapest at that size I’ve found. Good quality too. Don’t think and vented bag helps speed drying though. Might get away with it this year but not on a normal year.
  10. SbTVF

    Selling poplar as firewood

    Sell it wholesale then?
  11. SbTVF

    Selling poplar as firewood

    Well even if you only do some of it surely the profit margin will be better than selling it as a cheaper firewood? And it’ll last you a few years worth of kindling if you have the storage of course.
  12. SbTVF

    How much wood do I have??

    That’s my experience also!
  13. SbTVF

    Selling poplar as firewood

    Just make it into kindling surely? Ring it up and Hire a kindlet off fuelwood or something for a week!
  14. SbTVF

    What to do with all the sawdust ?

    We just mix all ours with the woodchip that goes in the boiler. Either tip in with the bucket or blow it straight in through the contractors heizohack [emoji106]
  15. SbTVF

    Times are changing

    So the owner can get a rough idea of temperature that the stove is running at? Is the temperature in the flue really that different to in the firebox? Also I believe (could be wrong) my liner is only safe up to 400 degrees Celsius so it’s good to have a gauge on wether I’m near there or not.


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