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  1. Freelance climber Cambridge/Hertfordshire border

    Always looking for new contacts
  2. Freelance climber Cambridge/Hertfordshire border

    Available Monday the 3rd
  3. Freelance climber Cambridge/Hertfordshire border

    Own full climbing kit, husqvarna t540xp and stihl 150t
  4. Hi there as of July the 3rd I will be looking at filling in work for Monday's,Tuesday's and some weekend work. Currently hold cs 30,31,38,39 and driving license with trailer entitlement. Comfortable on reductions, takedowns, hedge cutting and also more than happy to muck in on the ground. Located on the Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire border and will travel within reason. Rates negotiable dependent on travel. Any questions feel free to pm me. [ATTACH]221735[/ATTACH][ATTACH]221736[/ATTACH][ATTACH]221737[/ATTACH][ATTACH]221738[/ATTACH][ATTACH]221739[/ATTACH][ATTACH]221740[/ATTACH]
  5. Re Hitchin Tree Surgeons Watch Out!!

    Very true unfortunately . It just seems they're really going for it again at the minute
  6. Re Hitchin Tree Surgeons Watch Out!!

    There's been a few round the Cambridge area also so not too far. They're definitely on the prowl
  7. New Top Handle Chainsaw

    Would never buy a t540xp again after the endless broken parts on mine. I actually rate it performance wise it's just a shame it's made of cheese
  8. SIP Keui Rain Jacket

    I like mine so far it's kept all the rain. I like the way it fits and the hood goes nicely over a helmet. Feels nice and hard wearing and it's not as sweaty as other cheap jackets I've had previous. no complaints from me
  9. Distel gecko spikes

    I've got the aluminium ones with Velcro top strap and leather bottom one. Can't comment on the Velcro bottom straps as I haven't used them but personally I prefer the top Velcro over leather as I find them more comfortable. I would happily buy another set no complaints from me about the spikes
  10. New chainsaw trousers

    my first pair of sips were great but the second pair seemed to fall apart in no time. Got some pfanner arborist at the moment and they have been worth every penny. Just over a year now and still going strong which for me is good
  11. SIP KEIU rain jacket

    Jacket came today brought in a large and it seems a great fit. Wouldn't of got away with sizing down. Feels really nice quality
  12. SIP KEIU rain jacket

    I'm going to take a stab at a large so I'll let you know how it fits in comparison to other bits I have
  13. SIP KEIU rain jacket

    Thanks for the feedback sounds like a good option
  14. SIP KEIU rain jacket

    Has anyone else tried one of these? Price of the cut and climb doesn't bother me but I prefer the look of the sip as it has a hood and vents.
  15. Whats new in the world of friction cord?

    I know you mentioned you'd be looking for 8mm but I'll through it out there anyway the arbpro 9 was my favourite by far before I changed to zig zag


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