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  1. Hi, yep I've been there!! The washer with the recess in should have side to side movement so you can push it back (towards the clutch) and then there is space to remove the c clip. I found that crap gets behind the washer and pushes it forwards (away from the clutch) so there is no room to get in at the clip. Get behind the washer and cut away at whatever material is behind it until the washer will move. hope this helps?
  2. My understanding is if a sub contractor works for a company mon-fri he is an employee and needs to be treated as so with paid holiday, sick pay ,ppe, pension etc. I know of an employer who was fined £100k plus for abusing this. It has been discussed before on here but it goes something like this: Who is an employee? An individual who works for a business is an employee if the majority of the statements below are considered true: Have a set number of hours e.g 9am to 5pm, 5 days a week Must work the hours above unless on sick leave, holiday leave, etc Are paid hourly, weekly, monthly or an annual rate Can be paid overtime Are paid whether there is any work or not The work to be done is decided by the employer (how, when, what and where) Must do the work themselves Are provided with tools, equipment, computers, etc by the employer The contract is open ended (after any probation period) Have a company email address and business cards Have a uniform or use company vans, etc Who is a subcontractor? An individual who works for a business is a subcontractor if the majority of the statements below are considered true: Can choose what hours they work They quote for contracts Are paid per contract, regardless of how long this takes to complete Work for numerous different businesses Can make a profit or a loss on a job by job basis They make the decisions on the work to be done (how, when, what and where) Can hire other people to do all of the work or assist them Provide their own tools and equipment or possibly hire them The contract is for a fixed period Have an email address and business card for their business only Any uniform has their name on and not the contractor. They use their own van. There is also an employment status checker on the HMRC website to get a correct decision.
  3. Hi it's. 01753358996 or 07872426558 https://arbchat.co.uk/serve/www/delivery/ck.php?oaparams=2__bannerid=570__zoneid=18__cb=fd9a9604e5__oadest=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FRBG-Recovery-Body-387237718490150
  4. Hi, my dad had the Florabest corded Chainsaw (he loves a Lidl middle isle bargain!!) It had plenty of power and he really liked it, I thought the quick tensioner was a bit weak. It had a good 3 or so years of abuse cutting worktops/nail strewn batons and pallets. It was left in a leaky woodshed all year round and eventually the power cord parted from the body. It was great for the money paid.
  5. +1 to the above, the Titan is a really solid choice. Also my 80 year old father has used a McCulloch corded saw for the last 5 years to cut pallets and other shite for firewood. As much of a brand snob as I am I would love to hate on it but I can't fault it. Plenty of power, always ready, easy to clean up and sharpen. If you can manage the cord the £55 Titan at Screwfix is a winner. McCulloch CSE2040S Electric Chain Saw: 2000 W, 16 Inch Bar Length, 1.3 mm Chain Guage, Automatic Oil Pump Type, Fully Assembled : Amazon.co.uk: Garden & Outdoors WWW.AMAZON.CO.UK Shop McCulloch CSE2040S Electric Chain Saw: 2000 W, 16 Inch Bar Length, 1.3 mm Chain Guage, Automatic Oil Pump...
  6. Hi, Got mine done by RBG (who advertise on here) really pleased with it, made the truck much more useable. Paid just over a grand. Told insurance company and they were fine. I know you can buy all the aluminium panels/hinges etc on EBay but I'm sure you could get a better deal buying direct.
  7. I feel sorry for the customer, it does look like the have been done! Also the soil level looks high at the sides so even with treatment and adequate guttering the timber was always going to struggle. Sorry I've got no suggestions on how to correct it, just a shame it's got this far before someone has noticed.
  8. Hi, commercial subletting can be complicated, I've only been involved once a tenant has wanted to sublet mid lease. Landlords are not usually keen and have plenty of clauses about how and who you can sublet to if at all. If you are clear from the start of your intention to sublet then it should be easier and the tenancy agreement can be written to reflect this. As with any legally binding document I would advise having a solicitor assist before you sign a lease, you don't want to end up in a long lease for an expensive car park.
  9. Hi, I have the same issue with my 79 year old father. His renewal was a flat out refusal to insure and had referred to Swinton who quoted £1000 (The previous year was £400) After a bit of searching we got a quote for Lloyds Insurance via More Than for £500 I figured the same as you that as he was going to be 80 within the period of the policy that he became a much higher risk and uninsurable by some?
  10. Not a happy sight but any sensible suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks B7B47705-2935-4CCD-A0B6-C64FFFEB19FD.heic
  11. Gordon S


    Looks nice, It might be old news but there is a new battery top handle coming out soon based on msa220. Couple of versions, one with the cockpit display for oil light, battery condition etc.
  12. Hi, I contacted the five people in my area looking for chip and didn't get a single response. Thought I must be doing something wrong too!! I didn't even get a 'not at the moment thanks' I love the idea but I guess it is down to the individuals using it. Next time I get an excess I'll use it again and post the results here.
  13. Hi, personally I wouldn't bother changing the chain configuration, it will make things more complicated later on if you need to start replacing bar/chain/sprocket etc. If it is all standard you can call a dealer and get what you need with less issues. From a performance point of view, I guess it will depend on the chain on the loan ms261, if it was a bit tired and has various suspect sharpens by NPTC students you will notice a big difference. As mentioned before I would change to a semi chisel chain, it will be more forgiving when using pushing chain and not as grabby. Most importantly take your time when you first use your new saw, find a nice stable log and practice some different cuts to get used to it before you get into felling. Remember your training, be aware of kick back zone, keep your head out of line of the cut. Lastly most of us here would love to be given a 562XPG and some trees to go at, so enjoy yourself and stay safe.
  14. Hi Rob, Off topic but just wanted to give your team a thumbs up. I ordered a bar and chain yesterday afternoon and it arrived this morning. Great service. Gratuitous pic attached E3CC086E-1F9D-499E-9FA7-BC07A41C2C0D.heic
  15. Hi, I am looking for an opportunity to work in the tree care/arb/forestry industry. I am physically fit, hard working, reliable, responsible and keen to learn. I hold a current NPTC 201,202 & 203 (CS30/31) i'm available at short notice, ad hoc/self employed/part time/zero hours. I have my own ‘pro’ level saws, all PPE, maintenance equipment and reliable 4x4 transport. Based in Great Yarmouth if you have a requirement for a member of crew or have any questions I can be contacted on the details below. thanks Gordon Email - [email protected] Tel. 07795103772 Full CV available on request but contains years of work in the motor industry and Parts management qualifications.


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