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  1. Guss109


    Cheers [emoji106] just helping out on a diving job so hopefully get a few trips out of it and fill the diary up when it’s quiet
  2. Guss109


    Start Monday hopefully the course is at survivex then got the offshore survival the following week and hopefully away early/mid April. Seems strange how you use screw gates but the ASAP is a 3 way crab[emoji848]
  3. Guss109


    Cheers that was my general thinking as it’s just the entry course. Got a funny feeling the learning will start as I’m swinging from the side of an oil rig[emoji23]
  4. Guss109


    Not sure on the best section to post this in. Has anyone done there level 1 and got any good helpful advice? I’m potentially starting the course on Monday I’ve done the usual and watched YouTube. But always better to speak to people who have actually done the course. Cheers
  5. Guss109

    Crap in your eye ....

    Arrrgh eye agree[emoji15][emoji85] 🧥
  6. Guss109

    Advice on machinery for moving timber

    It’s certainly been a good help just needs a weight block on the back as the grab has been made heavy but still lifts a good weight. Just need to take the loader off and put on the snow blade and gritter on next week so earns its keep all year round
  7. Guss109

    Advice on machinery for moving timber

    This is what I use
  8. Guss109

    Farm wood chipper

    If your on Facebook it would be worth giving this man a shout.
  9. Left school at 16 and cleaned Petrol stations and window cleaning for a year Then joined the army as a royal engineer. Did my 7 month basic training then my combat engineering then moved onto my trade training at Chatham. Joined my regiment and got trained in bomb disposal went to cypress and Kosovo then got caught on my bike with no license so got grassed in by an officer so decided to leave. Moved back home to Aberdeen as had bought a house and worked as a self employed joiner till the recession hit and re trained and got my cs30/31 and spent a fortune on tools ever since
  10. Guss109

    Bit of artificial grass - if you like that sort of thing

    Was even funnier when we went back to finish it off the job and the same happened again [emoji50]
  11. Guss109

    Which 50cc saw?

    But I might need a spare [emoji50][emoji23]
  12. Guss109

    Which 50cc saw?

    Oh you kept that very quiet [emoji50] could well be tempted
  13. Guss109

    Sorting out someone else's mess.

    Cunning very cunning [emoji106]
  14. Guss109

    Where all the Tracked Chippers?

    Try jlr plant on Facebook that’s where I got my 150
  15. Guss109

    The Sheriffs Are Coming.

    Missed it but catch it on the iPlayer later


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