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  1. The ooni are good. Yeah you definitely need insulation. Found a schematic for the ooni so was going to copy that a bit.
  2. Don't over complicate it and make sure your base is super flat.I usually use cob because its free and eco. Made small ones without chimneys, big ones with. Make your door first and use it as part of your mould. Make sure wood is dry or it will shrink when you use it. I just use sand for a mould. Lay cob over it. Dog sand out. Easy. Enjoy the pizza. In going to try to make a wood fired stainless oven next similar to the ooni.
  3. I do enjoy making pizza ovens.
  4. Who is tia and why do you want to please her?
  5. Sounds like it's going to be quite the pizza oven.
  6. Assumed this was spam so didn't respond. [emoji848]
  7. Pitch is fine for a sheet roof. I would pitch it in 5x2. Thec use 4 batons instead of purlins. As stated above 3x2 trusses are available but these are computer designed and factory built so completely different loading to a hand cut roof. 5x2 is fine at 1.9m run. If you want to use less timber use 4x2 the wrong way up as battens and keep the trusses 1.2m apart. This would give you a height of 5.5 to 6" above plate
  8. I would enjoy a thread on this subject.
  9. If only it wasn't central London I'd snap that up straight away.
  10. Yum. Mushroom for daysIt's amazing how quick they grow.
  11. Yes it is. Big one to. Looks a good specimen. Slice thinsh and fry it in garlic butter till its a bit crispy on outside. Delicious
  12. It's an eco grill but they still shrink wrap it in plastic!
  13. Unnecessary but would be interested to seem them burn. Think I would of had one for £5 just for cracks.


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