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  1. Not ideal I don't think. Oak sleepers can be had for not much more than treated ones.
  2. Not mistakes. Just timber. Particularly oak. If it dried flat you may be lucky.
  3. My answer to that is who knows. But, the likelihood Depends on how bad it was before you machined it. If it was very wonky before you machined then likely to move again. If it was nice and flat before then it will probably stay that way. The chances of it staying dead flat are very low imo.
  4. Nice work. Shame about the measuring duck up. Hopefully the top stays flat ish.
  5. Links go blue for me. Why didn't mine work?
  6. Can you give an example picture of where you have seen this?
  7. Definately an ice box, very similar one in our garden
  8. Problem with boards that long is that by the time you tidy the dirty split ends up there is nothing left. . They are only fit for chopping boards. I wouldn't mill or market them. Andy is probably right £300 would be a real decent price.
  9. I thought something was going on but couldn't see an edit myself
  10. How come the other guy doesn't get covered too? He is just as close
  11. Im selling nice seasoned ash slabs at about £60 a ft3 at the minute. Don't see why beech shouldn't sell for the same. All depends what it looks like once milled.
  12. Seems like a waste of weld mesh, surely they would dry out just as quick in a pile with the top protected. Not like the weld mesh is going to help you move the logs around.
  13. Fencing pliers and a hammer on the hip just incase.
  14. I don't think it's possible. Wet and dry and a respray. I assume they would of rubbed it down before painting anyway or it would be peeling off in sheets so safe to assume original red is pretty damaged already.
  15. Quarter sawn timber is generally used for stability in things like wide boards for joining etc. Usually where one dimension is much bigger than the other dimension. Structural timber is generally squarer (a square beam cab never be quarter sawn) and the focus would be on grading through grain line, knots size, dead knots, boxed heart etc. Quarter sawn can be more stable but not necessarily stronger so no it isn't really a focus when cutting structural timber.
  16. I think it depends how much your trying to bend something. I've made a few sticks in the past. They are seasoned and then steam straightened. But it is only mild bending to get them a bit straighter. For major bending ive always had better results with green timber. With this hatstand I would just leave it be.
  17. It's nice that where I live is another thing you claim to be Expert in.
  18. Good to see your main input is still personal insults.
  19. Why obviously? Could easily be 75p food budget too. More info needed to be sure.
  20. Nice, will make all the difference to your accuracy. If you have a waney edge slab you want straight you can screw or hot glue to a piece of ply to use as a guide down the fence.


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