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  1. EU Imported firewood into the UK

    When everyone moans about cost and prices being too low - does anyone ever consider that for alot of people firewood is already the most expensive way to heat their house and thus a luxury compared to oil or gas? Its a fuel commodity - and its got to compete with other fuels - currently if I buy in (which I dont as I have woodland) the wood is 2.4x the price per BTU of coal, and several x oil. That will always restrict the market to those with little choice, or disposable income. When fuel prices rise again, then perhaps wood will shift in more volume again.
  2. Eastern Europe tree felling policy.

    Alot of it is coming from state owned forests, and I know speaking to a local merchant who buys it (hes polish himself) that in the 1990's after socialism fell flat, the Govts auctioned off permits to fell forest blocks, most of these ran for 20-25 years, they were sold to raise cash quickly as their economies tanked, Initially alot of forests were simply scoured for good hardwood logs to sell to france (Oak) and Scandinavia (deal/Pine), the low wages (in the 90's 1/8th or less than UK at the time) meaning they were competitive. The Birch and aspen stands were just left as they had no value - but they're on the block permits and licences, so are now being hoovered up before the licences expire> Not necessarily true of the whole situation, but certainly of large areas. As birch coppices well, they get away on the EU sustainability rules, as their is rapid and quick grow back, which in some areas is already 5-10cm dia and getting harvested as chip for BIOmass plants. As these areas start to produce mostly smallwood for chip, the volumes will probably drop back abit in the medium term. And apparently getting licences for new areas is competitive so some people are pulling out. Like any artificial market rush.
  3. Im in the process of doing something semi simlar on 15-20 acres - steep south facing pasture, of which half is too bumpy for machines... Planing apples and sweet chestnuts at 20m spacings, in 50m rows accross the land to create grassland thats still productive but with a good shade and timber layer to diversify - sheep will eat the windfall apples to boot, and any I want can be picked. Also thrown in a few italian alders for Nitrogen, some E.Nitens for firewood in 5 years and some willow for the same.
  4. Law on left timber

    The woods on a block of land I rent were line cleared 2 years back - The deal was all large oak and ash was left on the deck for the LL and myself to sort for saw logs, everything else cut to easy to handle sizes and stacked as close to gates as possible - mostly firewood stuff, brash was chipped into a big pile and used for tracks. The stuff was left stacked to season for nearly a year and was intended for firewood and lots of the oak was perfect for fence posts, and about 130 tonnes was sold to a dairy farm with a biomass boiler - everyone wins all round........ Over half was stolen by dog walkers, white range rovers and surprisingly well equipped jodhpur wearing folk. Just because its road side doesnt mean its free! you deserve all your tools confiscating if you dont contact the land owner first!
  5. Traditional Firewood is history

    Tin Hat on........... Im currious about peoples set ups and what they find is the problem? I own a small woodland as part of some of my fields, the trees are no use to my sheep so I sold them standing to a chap selling firewood - He paid me 20/cube standing, approx, mostly sycamore coppice originally planted for pit props, cut himself and dragged in bundles with a kubota. and he sells bulk bags (1/2cube) for 45 and makes a good living, and gets 3.5-4 bags from each cube standing, he recons he averages process and deliver 30 bags in a normal week, but in peak time sells close on 45. Now to me, thats a good set up - he has no shortage of farms with small woodlands to raid - plenty of coppice about, and he just uses a saw horse and chainsaw, bucket, defender 110 and tipping trailer. So - if he is making a profit, why are people struggling against him? Whats wrong with his business plan? Hes most likely making more than national average sallary (Which is no mean feat for anyone in any self employed trade), and appears to lead a comfortable life; So, are others perhaps over-invested? Tied into overheads? Or is he just lucky?
  6. Whitebeam woes....

    I see a fair few like that round leeds - All the ones on heavy clay soils seem to drop leaves, the ones on sandy and lighter soils dont seem to.
  7. Looking for a partner for firewood

    Would need to know how much it would cost for something like a shipping container full delivered to the UK - exchange rates have moved alot recently since brexit so worth working out if its worth it.
  8. Stump Grinding Business Name

  9. Burning woodchip

    It burns fine if you put a small shovel full round the edges now and then but leave the fire as "normal" in the middle, abit slow to go but it burns none the less and gives plenty of embers, just make sure you dont cover the largers burning logs completely and have good airflow. Burns abit like coal so needs some bottom air, not much, but just enough, as otherwise the top layer burns with the top air, but the ash settles and covers the rest of the chip, so it doesnt burn. Can happily add about 1 6inch x 4 in shovel every hour without impacting performance - Free fuel, cant complain.
  10. Tip off places near Rothwell, leeds

    I could arrange for a tip site in North Leeds near LS22 but it is a bit far north of rothwell, what sort of volume you looking at?
  11. Fair price ?

    Very fair - I've been offered 40 a ton for standing sycamore coppice (6 inch dia stuff) - the guy would come and fell it and take it and pay up. 50 for already felled hardwood is a bargain atm.
  12. Tip Chip site Harrogate/Leeds - free to use.

    bout 3-4 miles south of harrogate on the valley opposite harewood. Simple case of tipping on track, tractor will spread about.
  13. Hey, noticed people asking for tip chip sites alot recently - anyone in this area needing to be rid of some, happy to take - gets used in boggy field entrances in winter so happy to take - I use all I produce so always happy to take more. Ta Dave C
  14. timber for sale in Wetherby / West Yorks area.

    will be interesting - but when the amount of money involved starts to bash around I can imagine most people folding, or the rules been broken just to get it through!
  15. timber for sale in Wetherby / West Yorks area.

    bang on - I know two farmers who have planning permission on their land, who do not want to sell and the council is making moves to compulsory purchase their land and sell to a big developer - recently heard about another case (ish) from the farmer themselves - and a 3 acre field I own is due to get an application for 23 houses on in north leeds - I dont want it but a big perhouse company wants to have it... They can compulsory purchase against my will if its deemed for the public good.... easy - whack a playground on it.


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