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  1. Hi. Looking for odd days to fill diary. Based in worthing west sussex will tavel. Cs 30 31 38 driving license . 9 years industry experience hard working and reliable . Call/txt 07970319961 or email info@mulhollandtrees.co.uk DON"T pm on here as I won't get It, thanks Richard
  2. Benefit street !!!

    This is worth a read Benefits Street: A healthy media would stand up to the powerful and wealthy. Ours targets the poor and voiceless - Owen Jones - Comment - Voices - The Independent
  3. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has any experience with non leather chainsaw boots(good or bad). And what companys make them. Cheers
  4. Experienced Qualified Foreman Wanted

    where are you based?
  5. Hi all, West Sussex based self employed groundy, 6 years experience plus one year at college. CS 30 31 38 driving licence. Just looking for some days/new contacts as work has dropped off, Grounding, forestry and light climbing work. Hard working, reliable and honest. full CV available on request. 07970319961 Thanks Richard
  6. Seeking unpaid work experience

    cool name
  7. RBS 6 Nations Rugby

    from what i have been told, his mum is of native american heritage and his dad is a tree surgeon round here and used her name.
  8. Whisky

    Aberlour 10 year old, does it for me
  9. trust a trader .com

    hi, i joined trust a trader in november and havent had a single call from it, there isnt another tree surgeon in my area on it either. so i'm not sure what has happened there. My mate on the other hand is in check a trade and he does really well from it, he's been it 2 years and hasnt looked back. There similarly priced aswell
  10. drugs at work!!!!!

    If I were to smoke a joint it would be in the comfort of my own sofa, with southpark on the telly and a large bag of Maltesers. generally being as inactive as possible, I dont understand why anyone would want to get stoned whilst doing tree work. I do work with someone for a large firm i sub contract to, who smokes a joint on the way to work each morning, everyone knows about it (not sure about the boss) he's a nice guy gets on with his work, a bit clumsy which can be worrying. But no one seems to care, "it just makes him feel normal" This makes me wonder; as i like to drink. what would people say if i had a can of special brew each morning on the way in? As for ketamine anyone doing that at work should be fired (from a cannon if one avalible) a line of that and you can barely walk (so i have been told) let alone do tree work, better accompanied by a cheap bottle of cider and a squat party!
  11. Groundsman available West Sussex

    Hi. All ppe and transit tipper. Cheers
  12. Hi all, Sub contracting groundsman, based in Worthing, six years experience working for reputable firms. I'm after some odd days or maybe one\two days a week. CS30 31 38 NC arb, driving licence Groundwork/forestry/light climbing work Please PM me or call Richard on 07970319961 References and CV available
  13. Weald woodfair this weekend- Whos going?

    do you know if anyone can camp or just stand holders? usually know someone who has a stand but there not doing it this year.
  14. Weald woodfair this weekend- Whos going?

    do you know if anyone can camp or just stand holders? usually know someone who has a stand but there not doing it this year.
  15. Free firewood!!!

    love it:lol:


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