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  1. Afternoon , Looking a self employed groundy/ climber/ labourer or newbie A few days a week in and around Chorley/Lancashire Must have own transport or local to chorley for easy pick up. Mainly domestic straight forward work. Get in touch if interested or know anyone might be interested.Pay depending on level of experience,tickets etc. Info@treexpert.co.uk 07564541100 Oz
  2. Ive got both tachyon and blue tongue.both good but blue tongue slips fast like mad if its wet but both great
  3. Mr Oz

    Arb Body

    Hey up Vans up for sale now if anyone looking for a van.Check on arbtrader.
  4. Mr Oz

    Arb Body

    They were a bit floppy actually so ive braced it together with some 20mm steel tube from top and a thin 5mm ali composite signage sheet on top for lid which cost 6£ from recycling place as they are expensive otherwise but yea so far been great. Corner joints are not great but does the job. If you do it measure carefully if you want perfect joints.best of luck
  5. Mr Oz

    Arb Body

    Built it myself cost around 600 not including signs of course[emoji846] Alco steel bolton where i got stuff.i hope thAt helps
  6. just been watching you vids on you tube it seems to take decent size wood without strugle.5k brand new sounded a bit expensive for an unknown brand but it looks like a decent piece of kit.Thanks for quick reply
  7. is it still going good? what would you say pros and cons.Looking into it so final verdict would be helpfull.Cheers
  8. Cant seem to see the date so unsure if this is recent but what parts of the country please? Cheers
  9. Mr Oz


    Traceability is the key for LOLER so if i cant trace and find any info its a fail for me . My advice is try and avoid buying any vital climbing gear second hand as you dont know if they been hammered so any new equipment keep all paperwork for LOLER.Be safe
  10. No worries.i have bid for stuff tomorrow in the past but havent got anything.you just need to remember %16 interest and %20 vat on top of final price so you dont end up with a surprise.a few people i know gets stuff off there.they sell a lot of gear regular.good luck
  11. Hi everyone i thought i share it.public auction for lots of gear on here.just remember commission tax etc on final bid.good luck https://www.bidspotter.co.uk/en-us/auction-catalogues/timed/lambert-smith-hampton/catalogue-id-ed10554?page=1
  12. Yea ours was belts too working fine now
  13. Hi Just wondering couple of things i know you need P indemnity for Survey/inspection P liability for tree work etc E liability for staffing etc. But what if you want to become an instructor and teach climbing etc.what type of insurance do you need for that? I know cost for ..... this insurance can be different for various reasons but any ideas and input appreciated! Cheers
  14. Hi Anyone lives in lancashire does mobile milling and sells slabs. i am after some nice grained slabs for my own table and bench seat project Cheers


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