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  1. I havent looked into too deep and from my understanding on whats on google they dont kill the tree. However it causes significant damage to leaves and surely that will have an impact on trees overall health.!
  2. I have noticed in the past 12 month or so i have seen increasing number of infestation on especially on alders. I work in and around Chorley/Bolton/Manchester area. I wondered if it is effecting other parts of the country and if any of you guys noticed the increase. I
  3. I wondered if anyone tried this petzl flow with ZZ. If so how does it perform etc? I currently have bluetongue and i know how well that works just fancy a change so any suggestions welcome. Oh by the way how does everyone finding mk3 ZZ for double rope? Seems too bulky Cheers
  4. 400-500 without drag cut -drop
  5. I ll have an other look end of season to make a decision on it. I would probably say thats the closest but cant be 100%
  6. Hi everyone Any idea what could this be as im struggling to ID. It growing around the base of a Eucalyptus. Costumer says it only appeared last 2 years. Tree doesn’t show any sign weakness. Thanks
  7. Afternoon , Looking a self employed groundy/ climber/ labourer or newbie A few days a week in and around Chorley/Lancashire Must have own transport or local to chorley for easy pick up. Mainly domestic straight forward work. Get in touch if interested or know anyone might be interested.Pay depending on level of experience,tickets etc. Info@treexpert.co.uk 07564541100 Oz
  8. Ive got both tachyon and blue tongue.both good but blue tongue slips fast like mad if its wet but both great
  9. Mr Oz

    Arb Body

    Hey up Vans up for sale now if anyone looking for a van.Check on arbtrader.
  10. Mr Oz

    Arb Body

    They were a bit floppy actually so ive braced it together with some 20mm steel tube from top and a thin 5mm ali composite signage sheet on top for lid which cost 6£ from recycling place as they are expensive otherwise but yea so far been great. Corner joints are not great but does the job. If you do it measure carefully if you want perfect joints.best of luck
  11. Mr Oz

    Arb Body

    Built it myself cost around 600 not including signs of course[emoji846] Alco steel bolton where i got stuff.i hope thAt helps
  12. just been watching you vids on you tube it seems to take decent size wood without strugle.5k brand new sounded a bit expensive for an unknown brand but it looks like a decent piece of kit.Thanks for quick reply
  13. is it still going good? what would you say pros and cons.Looking into it so final verdict would be helpfull.Cheers
  14. Cant seem to see the date so unsure if this is recent but what parts of the country please? Cheers


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