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  1. steve. i never thought i'd see you on highsobiety... 2. the "surfer" edition.... it's just got a board on the roof. 3.. for all the pessimists,, as long as there's no elbow room, your left leg gets in the way of the hand brake and you can't lean the seat back i guess you'll be happy... :-)
  2. D3......Tommer should be able to give an un bias view of the D3 for tree work...
  3. i was back at work 3 days after the op last year, combo op for CTS and triggering,, although that wasn't climbing,, and to be honest,, i couldn't really use the hand for a good month.. and by then all strength in my arm had gone,, seriously look at alternatives to the op for CTS as hind site is a wonderful thing,, they cured one problem and gave me another that is far worse than the carpel tunnel
  4. agree with steve, take chain/ bar off..
  5. the short version is, when the little fella dropped out of the tree, he'd cut himself quite badly under the neck, tyne vet found maggots in there so cleaned up the wound and gave him penicillin, was ok for a couple of days then just didn't wake up.. shame as he was a plucky little bugger
  6. ad15

    ms660 on ebay

    done less than 5 tanks of fuel open to offers..it'll be going on the bay in two days time with a start of £550
  7. sad news on this one,, he didn't make it..
  8. "What Makes a good lowering rope?" 1. one that doesn't break 2. one that goes down not of up sorry, couldn't resist..
  9. when will this looting stop??? [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5npPMBmsUXw]‪Shoplifter WIN‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  10. thanks for re instating me,,, being banned sucks...
  11. took advice from an expert mark, also,,, this one had been in the dogs mouth,, so needed checking by the vet.. it wasnt going anywhere,,nearly four hours we left it in situ with no joy, and it was getting dark too,, the foxes were on the prowl,,
  12. believe me when i say how close a miss it was,, you'd understand if you met my dog..
  13. so,, walking the dog, coming back down my drive,,, saw what at first looked like a hedge hog,,, got a bit closer,, then as i thought "it's an owl" (bare in mind it was 2pm so was not expecting an owl) nooka (the dog) pounced... so did the owl,, nooka caught it's wing, i bellowed "drop" which to my suprise,, she did,,, owl is fine,,, fed raw chicken, which it wolfed (no pun:biggrin:) down.. a friend who looks after birds for the police/ rspb etc etc lives v close,, he collected as my scent was on it so parents would abandon, couldnt "not touch" as it would have been flattened by farmers or taken by the foxes.. so it's having a check up today and going to live with some other owls,,


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