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  1. Hey if anyone is traveling in nz and wants some work in one of the best spots of the country then give us a shout. Working forf the best firm in town some good kit, good work and a good boss! Only people who are actually in town or defiantly going to be need apply send us a pm.
  2. start at the top and work your way down and round like peelng an orange is the way I was taught... so you can drop the stuff through the crown if you cant get it out of the tree easily this way you can get all the hangers out on the way around and you havent spent ages getting a nice growth point only to smash it off with the top of the tree... try having a look from the top of the tree before you get down usual gives you a good idea give the groundy a shout to check if unsure.. one day itll just click i know it did with me just need practice
  3. Do you remember how much and the process of it? i only really have nptc tickets and nvq apprentership... im a bit confused weather to count any certs towards my points system as with them i get the magic number to get auto picked out and without them im not... why is it that they are world recognised certs except in nz??
  4. Has anyone else had issues getting there nptcs recognised here?im considering going for residency.. to get my visa I had to prove my work experience and advertise the job etc as my qualifications where not recognised? Also a guy i knew who went through his residency couldnt get his qualifications recognised so had to get points otherways... i know you can get them tested but been quoted around 1500 bucks...
  5. I think if your attached to tree and standing in the basket and the platform falls its going to increase injury. Ive been in a platform when it toppled and think I could probably have broke a back/neck anything else or been cut in half by the basket if I was anchored to something else. luckily walked away with nothing but a grazed ass.. Sure I know I was lucky but Id take that chance anyday than being anchored to something.
  6. :thumbup: Touch wood I'ive never had a tree fail on me but I've had a mewp fail and only just managed to walk away....
  7. I almost thought that post was a joke because it really sounds like it... we may aswell just all stop doing what we do to earn a crust and do what you do and do it for the wood. After all its a non specialised job and when someone like yourself who is obviously as trained and experience and has the same insurnace premiums as all the other competitiors going for this job it make it a really level playing field doesnt it? As usual for you it doesnt particually effect you much because you get your firewood ( which, for the time you spend doing all the leg work, probably breaking a fence, taking down a power line your better of getting some split logs of a firewood seller.
  8. Can't belive some folk are saying a whole day for that! I reckon it is half a days work sounds like they want it cheap so make small brash piles where ever it lies id imagine it's mostly cut and chuck so not much cutting for groundie... chuck the wood in a pile rung up and get the cash.
  9. haha yeah it abserloutely stinks there! Really put me off it actually the surounding areas are amazing though and the redwood place is really cool! nice vid!
  10. This! I used to really want to become fast and was told I needed to be quicker... A few times I almost stopped climbing altogether because I thought I just wasn't cut out for it... Then after going for another job climbing almost seem to fit into place... My main problem I think was I rushed everything to try and become quicker and get in a tizz because It just didn't go to plan... I got thrown into the deep end being the only climber for a firm and made quite a lot of mistakes but I learnt a hell of a lot now without ever really thinking about it I have become a quick and component climber... Most other things have been covered about learnin off other and what they do and planning your routes etc
  11. As Drew said it doesn't matter you'll be covered in nz... Not sure I've meet anyone who had travel insurance here....
  12. Haha German isn't widely spoken here at all but seem plenty of German backpackers, specially in qtown! We seemed to attract German backpackers while travelling round the South Island... Tree stuff is real exspencive here and the wages are average you'll be earning similar to the uk if you work it out like that but in my experience so far it's a much more chilled out working enviourment... Enjoy whatever!
  13. Yea they are pretty strict on outside kit but aslong as it's clean there fine. Work wise id say christchurch is your best bet in South Island due to population and Ammoubt of companies I'd also look at dunedin a bit more going on and a lot less of a sassauges fest and plenty of student girls knocking around! Enjoy
  14. In the past few months I've developed a pretty constant muscle pain in my back, I get pretty bad symptoms of white finger and seem to have mullered my knee... All of this at 20!


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