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  1. have you thought about going back to them and saying, 'think you must have given me someone elses blades, these are way too ground down'. see what they say. perhaps work marking them so you know you are getting your ones back too.
  2. say the same to you fulla!

  3. get to bed davy, its late!

  4. ive had a couple bg86' s very good. had stihl backpacks too, which are great - lasted well - 5 years plus blowing on estates ( hard work ). the bg86 is hardier than it looks too, groundie put one under my truck during the day, it was on rough ground so when i pulled away i thought i was going over a bump. she's got some rubber marks on her and an ill fitting air filter, but all in all, survived a 130 landy on top of it! trashes clean up times, totaly indespensible kit:001_smile:
  5. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RwjpG4Xh60]YouTube - Big in Japan[/ame] something for you before you hit the town, like im gonna now....
  6. have to find my local womans team...! the germans are taking up rugby at grass roots like you wouldnt belive, small towns employing kiwi and ozzy coaches etc, money being pumped in. so funny watching them, they dont really get it and wind each other up no end. gets serious and this moodiness continues after the game. they dont realise you leave it on the pitch! scotland v france tommorow is gonna be a belter. scot are hungry and its in murrayfield + bad weather on sunday...
  7. heres a fact you may or not know about robins... in europe robins are not tame (semi tame), like our native robins. true! ornathologists put this down to the fact that they have leant to become friends of the british because of the excessive amount of time we spend in our gardens, this trait has taught them to be close to a gardener, and reap the benefit of us tilling the soil. (worms and bugs and that) crazy eh!?
  8. thats brilliant! theres a surgeon up here with good rep call John lord and his company is called 'Lord of the trees'.
  9. birch. birch, the official stick for floggings. Birching - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  10. ok. count em up! how many pages of tree surgeons in your yellow pages? ( sadly still a good metre stick ) edinburgh= 5 sides of listings
  11. thats very well put. judging by the last time i was in Dam, i wish they had spent a bit more money on training of the council workers, they were chipping onto, rather than into wagons with 1 foot high sides, spraying everyone! + no barriered areas. is there any other trees people know thats had that level of care and finnance due to its historical importance?
  12. a real shame:lol: ireland v italy was a shocker.
  13. the public doesnt know what an arbourist is, full stop... my mates company was, 'the log and leaf technicians'. which i always liked, up for grabs, cos he got the fear and wont climb no more! there was a all female arb team called ' the lumber jills' which was a gooden.


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