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  1. Junior climber wanted

    Hi. I've.not been online for a long time but we have a vacancy. Always good work and good crew. Email info@eastdevontreecare.co.uk
  2. Subbies Devon

    Hi we could use a hand a few days a week and are looking for a hard working subby. Mostly need a ground work alongside our full time team but some climbing experience might be usefull. Would suit experienced groundsman with Ariel rescue or maybe a college student looking for part time work. Loads of nice tree work lined up in the coming months. Please email Mat at info@eastdevontreecare.co.uk
  3. Zipline, thoughts

    Sorry mate. It's my day off
  4. Zipline, thoughts

    I'm at home mark, my phone won't wifi. Need to get my wife to fix it, I'm a bit simple that way.
  5. Zipline, thoughts

    Hey reg/Tim hope your both well. Sorry but can't see reg's vid cos wifi is too slow here. I always felt that letting branches run was the fastest and easiest for little pieces and doesn't tie up grounds men. Dumping branches on to a taught line and letting it run a little combined with control line works good for medium chuncks. For big limbs dropping it all in to a slack system with a control line and add tension after worked for me. I think the vid Tim posted had a bit of everything. If your pushing it I always used to prefer a smaller rope in the hope that the rope was the weakest part of the system over the tree I was tied too. Mat
  6. Chalara fraxinea - Generic thread

    Hi I haven't seen a confirmed case in my area yet until this possible one yesterday. Any thoughts?
  7. Beech Highline

    Good work. I've rigged off a high line but never climbed on one
  8. Stationary Rope Technique

    Regardless of what they are calling it, its great that they are accepting srt as a valid method of tree work within the code of practice. Definitely a big step forward for the AA and our industry
  9. We've had a lot of interest in the climbing trip to Gambia on the 1st of May. Due such a great response we are looking at the option of taking a second group the following week. The trip costs £1250 inclusive of flights, half board accommodation, local transport and srt work shops. If you want to book one the few remaining places email canopyspirit@treeworker.co.uk.
  10. Bottled it!

    I bottled one once and it felt like a big deal at the time. Some of them ain't worth climbing
  11. Veteran tree vandalised

    Your right its about a lack of respect for the environment.
  12. Veteran tree vandalised

    I was sent to inspect it David. Advised 2 branches to be removed and see how it looks next year
  13. Veteran tree vandalised

    It's on a four way junction, open access. Looks like the fire burnt up through the union pretty hot. Hopefully it doesn't kill it off
  14. Veteran tree vandalised

    Real shame to see this today
  15. Thanks Ian. Please like the canopy spirit Facebook to find out more about previous trips and how to get involved with up coming adventures


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