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  1. really smooth vid and rigging, enjoyed that!
  2. Enjoyed that Matt, looked like a great morning to be at it.
  3. Enjoyed that. great vid, top climbing. looks like a really good setup
  4. Worked for Chris for 8 months when I first got to NZ, great company to work with and a good idea of how things should be done. Highly recommended. If your thinking about it then just do it, NZ is awesome! Pat
  5. Great vid Reg, I enjoyed the chat and slower pace of the vid (not just cutting and falling), gives more of a feel for how a day 'in the office' actually is. Cheers!
  6. pat1987

    Topping dead firs

    that really gave me a few things to think about, good to see something different. thanks Reg keep them coming
  7. like the look of that ring and crab redirect Dan, gets rid of the need for carrying slings. will give that one a go. cheers
  8. just read through the thread and thought I would post my thoughts. I only ever base tie for access and then set TIP with cambium saver and stopper knot, all these other ways to tie in look like there would be loads of friction even with adding pulleys and whatever as the rope is still going over the branch. As far as redirects go I don't understand a situation where you would want to use a revolver. I would be interested to hear why they are an advantage. from my point of view any movement of the rope at redirect makes it all bouncy to climb on and often loads the redirect badly (pulled sideways). I personally use Ewan's method with a 60cm sling girth hitched to a ring and then crab through bight. works great, cheers for that tip. if I don't want to return to it I occasionally use a natural redirect. just my thoughts, interested to hear what you lot think, benefits of other options? cheers, Pat
  9. Wow! what was he thinking. felling cut! crazy fool. not really comparable but good/bad to watch
  10. ok, i see now, those are seperate trees behind. yes they look closely planted. cheers david
  11. Really interesting shots guys, do you recon you can make out the two heavy limbs on the closest plane on the right? just me? makes me consider the huge effect formative pruning can have a few years down the line.
  12. looks good nick, have been wanting to try a teather attached direct to top or middle hole of hc but without a biner, nice and easy to take on and off without the slop. how do you get on with the metal teather if it is running over a branch lay on its side?
  13. im using the blocked cambium saver method at the moment but its an interesting thread as i find setting TIP far more involved than with ddrt. therefore for small bits of climbing i often climb ddrt. for easy retrival the key must be to not have rope running over TIP (blocked cambium saver style). minor downsides are rope weight pulls rope through as you get close to TIP and cant advance hitch quite as close to TIP for positioning (could get an ajustable length CS to help with this). these other tie ins mean as you pull to retrieve the end you where climbing on is pulled towards the other until half way potentially adding considerable friction. also not mad on having carabiner at TIP, those who use maillons how do you tighten them or are you just using like a ring? looking forward to new solutions to this, its got me thinking:confused1:
  14. pat1987

    lagoon rd zipline

    great vid Reg, always enjoy yours. just curious as to why you take your wrench off to block down? i always thought it handy having it on so you could descent easily at any point. made that job look easy though! Pat
  15. like that one matt, simple is best, no gear needed. I quite often just wrap the tail of my rope around my leg or foot a bit just to add a bit of friction.


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