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  1. Happy New Year Ben ! What part of the world are you in now ?

  2. How do Dave, hows it going? Happy new year!

  3. Sites from the TCIA 2011 Hartford, CT. USA

    Great pics
  4. Palex st35,any good

    ive had a palax for 5 years now and cant fault it . The Dalen 2054 is a great machine but expensive so depends how much splitting you are doing ? If its just a sideline then get the palax if your running it all day everyday then get the Dalen. Marshalls will back up your Dalen and caladonian will back up your palax both good to deal with the choice is yours ..
  5. What chainsaw boots??

    sam these are waterproof as they are Goretex ,if you read it fully it does say (Goretex) and these are well worth the money .
  6. BGU machines - anyone use/used them?

    Good gear, very well built machines
  7. Sales and Customer support

    some1 somewhere must want a job...
  8. Stein Arbor-trolley arrived

    there will allways be something cheaper outthere it is heavey duty, well made piece of kit also made in uk got to be worth supporting.....
  9. Best type A, non climbing trouser?

    why not try jonsie hes got pfanner gladiators goin cheap . :-) they are light and very hard wearing .
  10. improvised chainsaw trousers

    Type A Front protection Type C All round protection Right as for class : Class 1 protection genrally Type A"s Class 1,2,3 You will find in Type C As Les says CLASS 3 is far to thick and clumpy to work in (bit like sleeping bags) hope this helps...
  11. improvised chainsaw trousers

  12. Stihl X-FIT vs. Stretch Air

    Grab a pair you wont look back :-)...................
  13. I pad 2

    I want one 2 :-)
  14. steel strop snapped

    come on boys lets just sit back and think about this for a min. we are all preaching and argueing over whats right whos wrong etc .. this is nothing personal but, if im using a product thats had a hard life we all know the conditions we work, and my life was hanging on a product thats roughly 8yrs + i would think im gona replace that before somthing goes wrong .Not saying you should not use products of this age and this is only my opinion but for the sake of 50 quid ish is it worth it the risk. lucky enough there was no major damage .Lets just sit back and think and be safe . Dave
  15. stein helmet

    what did the dealer say mick ? Like i said all makes ,models ,sizes of helmets,boots ,trousers all have some sort of teathing problems out of the thousands that are sold, speak with your dealer and see what they say:001_smile:


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