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  1. You look the spit of Walter White in that hat Diff.
  2. Got this boy 2 years ago at 6 months old. Poor little fella had been abandoned, when we found him in a local pound. He was skin and bones, perhaps a runty fella from a puppy farm? who knows. Thanksfully didn't show any signs of having being abused physically, but he definately has a funny thing with food, where he eats at 100mph often half choking himself and when we first got him, he used to carry mouthfuls of nuts away from his bowl into the corner of the room to eat. Anyways he has a great new life. He is a funny fella, such alertness and energy. He has figured out that when I have the trailer on the truck it means we are heading out for a job in the woods, and sits under the front wheels until he knows he is coming for the spin.
  3. Big J - As always an interesting read, sure does get myself and others on here thinking (I'm sitting in an office now waiting to log drillcore not sticks when the rain clears off). I've been following your brain tease threads on here since you started the low impact business last year. With all these interesting jobs you do, ever thought of strapping a gopro to your chest and setting up a youtube channel. I think it would be a big success, and some nice additional revenue to be made potentially. I understand that it may not be your thing though, but I reckon it would be fascinating, and can't think of anybody documenting low impact vlogs at the mintue.
  4. Not mine, spotted in the woods. I haven't seen a Moffett (MF390T) Specced out in forestry configuration before. Lovely example of how these unusual bi-directional drive machines could be used outside of the traditional rear loader setup. It was a Sunday so unfortunately didnt get to see her working. Lovely winch and blade up front.
  5. Wouldn't really call it a business, but I do about 60 or 70 cubes per year using only a log splitter. I saw up logs and put them in a temp open ended crate and back up to the splitter so I'm not bending down each time to retrieve a piece. Then split stuff slides straight off the side into a drying crate or IBC. Its an A1 product given each piece that is split can be centred correctly by hand leaving no kindling and no crude to be separated out before it heads to the customer.
  6. I bought the cheap one DUH523Z - 18v 52cm HEDGE TRIMMER WWW.MAKITAUK.COM Product Run it on a 5amp single. Its very light and quiet. Great for quick 'tidy up' trims during the growing season. I'm using it on privet, pyracantha, beech. Not liking leylandii so much. Don't think it would cope too well on end of season hard cuts and old growth.
  7. A family member just bought this little Duetz (Agroplus 70) for his farm. Lovely nimble size, quite jealous.
  8. Mostly windblown birch, willow and rowan through June and July. I've got some nice stacks dotted round the estate woodlands now. The last picture is an overview of the woodlands I work. You may be able to spot the big white house which is the main property on the estate. Its a lovely area.
  9. Been driving the Aunts 40's series over the last few days. I took AL to help with the silage, I am a sad git.
  10. I still don't think you can beat the wp36 for value and design. My brother in law mentioned recently that his employer bought one of the Lumag machines to supplement his tree surgeon/forestry business. I haven't seen it in the flesh, but from the video's available online looks a basic machine yet capable. Does anybody on here use them - wondering about pros/cons. I note they are a cheap machine about 4.5k + vat new which might say it all.
  11. https://www.misupplies.co.uk/clothing-c12/snickers-6903-flexiwork-work-trousers-p15821/s187503?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=snickers-6903-flexiwork-work-trousers-black-inside-leg-30-quot-w-colour-black-size-36-inside-leg-30-sn69030404104&utm_campaign=product%2Blisting%2Bads&cid=EUR&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI3q3ig4ms4gIV5pXtCh2-VQ9bEAQYBCABEgL-w_D_BwE These are the snickers ones I have Beau. Nice and light weight compared to some of the other stuff they do.
  12. A big hairy windblown spruce this weekend. Very knotty. The last 3 meters where caught up in holly and alder but managed to snip this off (thankfully no side tension) and it fell gracefully to ground level making it easier to ring up working back towards the root plate.
  13. Tog 24 trousers are nice, one downside is the mesh lined hand pockets ( I went for these after Crags went downhill a few years back). Snickers do a nice light pair of non holster trousers as well. Slightly heavier material for summer wear though.


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