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  1. rowan lee

    Cordwood ready for processor

    Hahaha I know Stubby the price of cod these days ffs. (that was a classic thread alright)
  2. rowan lee

    New branch logger in action

    Great little demo Beau. I remember your old branch logging video. You have come along way since then with machinery. Very impressive branch logging setup.
  3. rowan lee

    Kiln dried load

    Or just lie. I do sometimes. Seasoned air dried burns the same as seasoned kiln dried. Punter none the wiser and nobody looses out.
  4. rowan lee

    tree identity unknown

    Thanks Boys.
  5. Nice day for it. 10 in a shift isn't bad for someone who is working for you. Looks like nice stuff for splitting.
  6. Have to say there are times when a little conveyor off to the side would be great. The roller idea mentioned here and in previous posts is a good one as well.
  7. rowan lee

    what logs have you been chopping today!

    Yeah thats a 4-way. Its a stock item from Thor, I purchased it through M Large. http://mlarge.com/home/services/contact-us/
  8. I think you have it bang on Beau. Presume you have a nice powerful saw for oversize ringing? One small thing I might change, the trailer system. I would prefer to log up on a concrete surface with a solid bulkhead back ( If I had an area like this) and scoop up bucket loads with your articulated loader and have those right at my side by the splitter. I know you have the trailer right there as well but I'm sure there is always that little bit of awkward stretching and pulling that needs to be done to fish rings out of the corners, etc to haul across to the splitter table. This system might also eliminate jumping up and down off the trailer as you saw up (presuming you don't operate the saw from the side?).
  9. rowan lee

    what logs have you been chopping today!

    I have been busy weekends of recent cutting out new rides through a boggy wild woodland, getting through leggy birch and rowan mostly. Here's a few videos detailing the process from standing tree to split log. Please excuse the crappy editing, grainy footage, poor sound quality in these plus the double speed effect. https://youtu.be/ag4fHC4LOs4 https://youtu.be/Hjf6VotN7Kw
  10. rowan lee

    new toy! Thor magik petrol 13t

    (presume that's 10'' high rings not diameter) About 5 seconds on a pto version of the magik 13. That's picking the log up from table at waist height, splitting and next log in hand again. I have a video somewhere.
  11. rowan lee

    new toy! Thor magik petrol 13t

    Did you get the 4-way head? I find it great for smaller diameter timber up to about 14inch (which is about 90% of my production)plit in half on the tip of the blade.
  12. rowan lee

    Our new 79

    The latest arrivals to join the fleet of 60 odd 70's series we run in the mine.
  13. rowan lee

    my Firewood production set-up

    Could be a setting in the Tuscan mountains for all I know Marcus. I am liking the uniqueness of the crawler and the G-wagon. That looks like my kind of holiday.
  14. rowan lee

    what logs have you been chopping today!

    Duals, cheaper option, plus easy to undo as it makes steering a pig especially with the front weights. Generally a smaller diameter tyre is used on non-power assist tractors I believe so you don't get the extra drag when steering but do get the lift required when you start to cut the ground. I tried 13" wheels from a berlingo van but fiddly to bolt on and off.


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