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  1. I'll have a look again, and see if I can find a stem with a bud developing to photograph. Thanks for the replies.
  2. Aye, don't see many around with a tail, 3 year old now (not a worker, just a lunatic).
  3. The first 2 shots are from summer 19, consisting of birch/rowan lenghts dragged to ride side for later collection. In shot 3, I'm back on location (winter 20) ringing up and hauling out to processing area in open ended crates, and then splitting and drying. Also included are the nice lake side views beside my processing area.
  4. Any idea's - Umbrella pine? Cheers everyone. Rowan.
  5. Top of your game now. Great little video.
  6. Yes, but small scale. If I could take the selling/deliveries out of the equation It would be more profitable for me, as this is the most time consuming element of the process. I have reduced the price previously to try and encourage customer pickups, but it didn't attract much interest.
  7. My area of experience is limited to base metal (zinc, lead, copper) exploration typically in a Limestone environments, but you never know, you can try me anytime with questions, and there are plenty of academic types to bounce off round here. rowan.lee@boliden.com is checked on a daily basis if you need anything. Pending on your local area, the bedrock could be well and truly buried under 10's or 100's of meters of glacial sediments, which in itself is an entire specially (quaternary geology).
  8. Brilliant thread of pictures and words. I've seen some of your posts over the years VI in various sections here which I always enjoyed, so its great to have a dedicated go-to thread. It's an interesting topic for me as well, as I do similar here in Ireland at the weekends, working through an ancient lakeside woodland that has been neglected for decades (Yes this is just a hobby activity for me, but a rewarding one). My bread and butter 9-5 backround is in the geology world, so when it comes to woodland management I have been learning on the job. Though self guided as it has been for me, its reasurring to see similar aspects in this thread recreated, so I wasn't far out in my own intuitive way. The ride widening formula you apply is fascinating, and has given me inspiration for future work here. I'm really excited to see how that progresses once the growth takes focus again. For the mean time I look forward to the next installment. All the best.
  9. Laurel bashing, second cycle coppice (15yr) in an autumn woodland. Skinny lengths for fire starters.
  10. My back is sore just looking at that heap, whats the proarc splitter like?
  11. Jasy boy relaxing as he waits for the evening meal to settle.
  12. You look the spit of Walter White in that hat Diff.
  13. Got this boy 2 years ago at 6 months old. Poor little fella had been abandoned, when we found him in a local pound. He was skin and bones, perhaps a runty fella from a puppy farm? who knows. Thanksfully didn't show any signs of having being abused physically, but he definately has a funny thing with food, where he eats at 100mph often half choking himself and when we first got him, he used to carry mouthfuls of nuts away from his bowl into the corner of the room to eat. Anyways he has a great new life. He is a funny fella, such alertness and energy. He has figured out that when I have the trailer on the truck it means we are heading out for a job in the woods, and sits under the front wheels until he knows he is coming for the spin.
  14. Big J - As always an interesting read, sure does get myself and others on here thinking (I'm sitting in an office now waiting to log drillcore not sticks when the rain clears off). I've been following your brain tease threads on here since you started the low impact business last year. With all these interesting jobs you do, ever thought of strapping a gopro to your chest and setting up a youtube channel. I think it would be a big success, and some nice additional revenue to be made potentially. I understand that it may not be your thing though, but I reckon it would be fascinating, and can't think of anybody documenting low impact vlogs at the mintue.


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