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  1. Will the logs go mouldy?

    Will it be a pain shovelling up loose logs that are sat on pallets in a big pile? Its a pity the pallet and sheepwire method wouldn't stand up to the rigors of a front end rotator.
  2. Mini diggers in woodland

    I would love a mini digger timber trailer setup like the one in this clip. Even with just a thumb you could make light work of extraction, though it would make loading that trailer more difficult. Downside I suppose is speed, although currently I use an old massey which creeps around in low gear, but it can't knock hung up trees for me, sling brash out onto the haul mat, lift wood up to waist height so it can be easily snedded, and logged up - the list goes on.
  3. Massey furguson 30E??

    yeah thats what i was thinking. Interesting project.
  4. Massey furguson 30E??

    Do those compressor model 30e's have a pto at rear?
  5. Real World Processor Output

    This post is not exactly relevant to the thread title. But its production levels on the small end of the scale and I don't buy timber in. I can fell and extract 2 ibc cages worth a day on my own (~8hrs), processing with chainsaw and vertical log splitter back at a suitable landing. I am not sure it would be that much quicker with a processor, given much of the time is the felling and extraction, tidying up branches, etc part.
  6. Hey you only live once. Follow the heart as they say. Exciting and daunting at the same time, funny how we allow ourselves to get so comfortable in routines we don't necessarily enjoy, with the thought of ever changing them out of sight. It will be stressful with family, business, etc all in tow, but I have always found a move can reinvigorate all aspects of living. On the low impact side of forestry - Its an idea I have always come back to in my dreams. I'm from an entirely different work avenue (economic geology and exploration) but have constantly come back to the woodlands idea time and time again. There are so many small private woodlands on farms here in Ireland now just begging for some low impact thinning work. Some of the devastation you see after the 20 ton machines have been in, you wonder if the final crop will actually come to anything? Its an interesting niche for sure, I have started seeing the first bit of light with the introduction of those Vimik 6 wheelers here in the republic, perhaps the tide is starting to change. All the best anyways. Looking forward to reading your new work thread later in the year.
  7. pto problem

    Ok. Thanks for the info.
  8. pto problem

    Any ford 3610 users on here (though I'm sure this is similar to any earlier 3000 series). Got a 84 version recently. Was told no issues, but the pto grinds like a mother when engaging under load. Have to kill engine, engage lever, and restart engine again for ease of use, not ideal. The lever appears to have been modified for extra leverage in the past. I assume this is a 2-stage clutch system for engaging, and not an independant system? I do fully compress the clutch pedal until it hits the floor plate, though I have to admit the arc of travel on this particular clutch pedal seems reduced. The bite is extremely low down as well. Changing gears is smooth mind, so no issues there. Its no big deal as tractor only runs a pto log splitter, but I wouldn't mind sorting it out all the same. Any other things to check, or does it need splitting in half? Cheers Rowan.
  9. Has anyone had success with a stump splitter for this application.
  10. How are your stocks holding up?

    Winging it now with stuff I split early last summer (may/June), so hasn't had the full 12 months, but no complaints yet.
  11. Alpine tractor talk

    Thats class. Well done. Was wondering if you had a link for the timber trailer? I really fancy a small trailer grab setup like that someday for the back of a small 2wd ford tractor.
  12. Production promo video

    Lack of a rotator I would guess. Cool little video.
  13. Log storage

    Neat idea, DIY manual version of the Posch packfix on a slightly smaller scale I guess. How much does it work out in net wrap per pallet load?
  14. Scots pine?

    As per title - not sure though.
  15. Very long needles 5-8cm long.


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