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  1. rowan lee

    Lightweight work trousers recommendations please

    https://www.misupplies.co.uk/clothing-c12/snickers-6903-flexiwork-work-trousers-p15821/s187503?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=snickers-6903-flexiwork-work-trousers-black-inside-leg-30-quot-w-colour-black-size-36-inside-leg-30-sn69030404104&utm_campaign=product%2Blisting%2Bads&cid=EUR&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI3q3ig4ms4gIV5pXtCh2-VQ9bEAQYBCABEgL-w_D_BwE These are the snickers ones I have Beau. Nice and light weight compared to some of the other stuff they do.
  2. rowan lee

    what logs have you been chopping today!

    A big hairy windblown spruce this weekend. Very knotty. The last 3 meters where caught up in holly and alder but managed to snip this off (thankfully no side tension) and it fell gracefully to ground level making it easier to ring up working back towards the root plate.
  3. rowan lee

    Lightweight work trousers recommendations please

    Tog 24 trousers are nice, one downside is the mesh lined hand pockets ( I went for these after Crags went downhill a few years back). Snickers do a nice light pair of non holster trousers as well. Slightly heavier material for summer wear though.
  4. rowan lee

    what logs have you been chopping today!

    Clearing endless Laurel down the jungle, a small windblown beech tree beside the saw rack, another windblown hung up sycamore tree in the mud, and soon I will make a start on this large beech tree that failed last winter in the bluebells.
  5. rowan lee


    Jeez nightmare, you kinda expect these things to work out of the box. Nothing worse then having a new toy and the electronics screw you over on the 1st day.
  6. rowan lee

    handling loose logs

    Yeah, you can't beat a bit of quality control and pick out any crude as you prepare for delivery, that and manual splitting on a machine which means you get the perfect shaped log for your customer every time ( and charge correctly for a real premium product).
  7. rowan lee

    handling loose logs

    I built my rounds up from about 10 loads a year to friends and family. I also just started with processing into a heap, but the game changer for me was investing in the cages. I started off with 10 IBCs I got for free from work, and bought a cheap set of pallet toes for the massey to sit on the 3 pt linkage. I also thought about a front end loader tractor, but settled on the £200 pallet toes instead to see how things would go. 10 years on I still have those same pallet forks, that serve me well and sourced another 40 or so cages along the way. The beauty of the cages is the drying time increases massively, you can have a 6-7 month turnaround pending on when you split your logs. And they are pretty robust, you can move them about easily with a small tractor. Because they are mobile, I tend to fell, ring up and split straight into the cages all at once insitu down the woods. This immediately cuts down on the number of times the wood has to be rehandled, which saves time, money and physical stresses on the body. Sometimes I can get away with only touching a log once - i.e fell tree in woods, lift up tree on pallet toes, debranch and ring up insitu, pick sawn ring up, split and toss over into the cage for drying, 12 months later deliver cage locally on tractor, and tip out using the tractors hydraulics.
  8. rowan lee

    handling loose logs

    How do you get the logs of the pickup truck Charlie? Is it a tipper, or do you use a roller mat/ or handball. I can't vouch for the bucket loader method as I use cages. The low tech system I use is this - deliver IBC cage of logs on a trailer (I load onto trailer with tractor and 3 pt hitch pallet toes). When I arrive at customers I unload the top half of the cage by hand, at this stage the cage is reasonably light enough to heal over and off the back of the trailer thus emptying the remaining contents fairly effortlessly. Not sure I would continue using this system is I was doing more then 100 loads a year (I'm small time as well).
  9. rowan lee

    Splitting kindling

    If you really wanted to mechanise it I reckon you would have to get something fabricated in a local engineering place, as a once off build. I would design a small horizontal ram setup pushing logs through a sharpened grid type setup say 10 inch by 10inch with 1/2 inch spacing between the cells (I'm picturing a butchers mincing machine here). That way you wont have to line up each log accurately, you can just drop into splitting chamber and pull the lever. The plus side is you wont need much tonnage on a ram for splitting twigs, I'm thinking something like a shear grab/silage grab open/close ram, which will make the cycle fast.
  10. rowan lee

    what logs have you been chopping today!

    It got muddy this month. Splitting pre-cut rings of laurel, felled during late 2018.
  11. rowan lee

    Cordwood ready for processor

    Hahaha I know Stubby the price of cod these days ffs. (that was a classic thread alright)
  12. rowan lee

    New branch logger in action

    Great little demo Beau. I remember your old branch logging video. You have come along way since then with machinery. Very impressive branch logging setup.
  13. rowan lee

    Kiln dried load

    Or just lie. I do sometimes. Seasoned air dried burns the same as seasoned kiln dried. Punter none the wiser and nobody looses out.
  14. rowan lee

    tree identity unknown

    Thanks Boys.


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