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  1. A few questions about logs!

    I like green oak or beech for a chopping block with a tyre on top (at least 20" diameter and the knottier/gnarly grain the better). With pine and spruce the axe can stick with every blow which can be a pain. The height of the block depends on your height but I rig mine so that the axe handle is parallel with the ground at its final place of rest. The fiskars x27 is a most. Its sharper then a standard axe and thus very good on knots, but doesn't stick either. If you want a maul as well the leborgne stuff is the business (we killed ourselves with one for years though and bought some hydraulic muscle in the end). A cheapo kindling axe, wouldn't personally be fussed. I use a hand made 'rack' type saw horse. Something like the 'orogen easy cut'. Very fast on small diameter stuff and great for everything else. Use a bungee or ratchet strap to clamp the load if you build your own.
  2. Alpine tractor talk

    Jealous. Lovely machine.
  3. what logs have you been chopping today!

    Yeah If you have an excavator with grab to bunch them you and hand cut with a nice powerful chainsaw you will be laughing. (especially if there are two of you).
  4. Cheap, small tractor weights?

    Good stuff. Beats having a mate riding shot gun on the bonnet all day.
  5. Cheap, small tractor weights?

    I bought some 25kg massey weights for £30 quid a piece second hand. I also thought about plate steel offcuts from a local engineers yard.
  6. what logs have you been chopping today!

    Nice one Beau. You have some serious production going these days. Nice stacking mate
  7. Small dia. chainsaw logging frame???

    Yeah I've had a few bits kick on me as well using a portek (especially on the last cut). Trouble is the way you hold the piece down with your left hand means your thumb is vulnerable if this happens and have sprained it a couple of times which is a pita. The rack system as previously mentioned is the business for small bits especially if you have a saw with a long bar.
  8. what logs have you been chopping today!

    Yeah thanks. It definitely clears the head space for me alright. Quite addictive the woods can be as well. Only weekends though unfortunately. I'm stuck in Co. Meath weekdays, conducting field work for an exploration company, logging drillcore and going underground into a zinc mine for my sins. While this work pays the bills ( and in fairness very enjoyable) nothing beats down the woods on your own with a saw and the old 35 passing time.
  9. what logs have you been chopping today!

    Back down the woods last weekend, getting some therapy. Brought the new dog along to have a look. Birch and larch thinning's in the rack, and had a go on a failed pine that had twisted off during a storm last year.
  10. Silver Birch , whats it like

    It seasons quickly as well. I split a few cages worth in November'16 and sold some last week to a regular for next autumn/winter. He told me it was all sub 20%. Not bad for air dried (wet and damp) west of Ireland.
  11. Show your tractors

    Just saw it in passing. No idea mate, sorry.
  12. Show your tractors

    A 4WD Ursus 475, getting ready for some bog work this summer. Nice example with doubles all round.
  13. what logs have you been chopping today!

    No winch on my yoke. Had to use the other tractor to lift rings up to splitter table height in a transport box. I had forgotten how heavy green beech is. Some pigs in that pile of yours Beau. Surprised that your processor's splitter deals with such large lumps. I had the Thor on single blade only, didn't struggle but would have with the 4way on.
  14. log splitter

    Sorry meant to add these videos in the last post me on rings with the 4 way and on billets with the 4 way
  15. log splitter

    I find the 4way (13t Thor magik) great on rings upto 12'' diameter but struggles after that unless perfect straight grained brittle green wood. Its just a little to wedged for gnarly stuff or very well seaoned stuff and bogs out. (bear in mind only the 13t ram). The single blade will shear through anything though from the gnarliest twisted elm to the most seasoned knot riddled 20'' piece of spruce. The 4way on ANY diameter 1m billet is a disaster on this machine. The side fins are just too too narrow so as the center split widens the side fins kick out and you loose the 4 way split half ways down your billet. Only kinda worked on brittle green sycamore of about 8'' as it 'pops open on impact almost like pea pods.


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