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  1. Ty's response pretty much sums my experience up with them too.
  2. Ive had both in my quadchip & prefer the square.
  3. Ive been looking at trucks lately too & come to the same conclusion! Cant be any worse than what you are currently running?
  4. SAM66S

    Tipper Cage

    Roywood transits have the cages as an option for their new tippers maybe worth a look.
  5. Brand new twin rear wheel 35.130 i couldn't get my foot off the clutch easily when i took it out for a drive.
  6. What sort of issues have you had with yours?
  7. Availability you mean? Is that because of the age of yours?
  8. Any one got a new isuzu grafter?
  9. I don't fit in a cabstar, the dealer is only 5 minutes from me so would have been good. Took 1 for a test drive before Christmas & was disappointed with the lack of power.
  10. Ive got 2 09 transits on similar miles, 1 has been faultless the other has cost me a small fortune to keep going. The new shape ones have the worst pay load out of all 3.5ton tippers. Having said that the service ive had from ford has been second to none.
  11. Transit crew cab 140
  12. The time has come to start looking for a new tipper with decent towing capacity. Who has what? Good & bad points please!
  13. I test drove a new one recently & was slightly disappointed with the lack of power & adjustment in the drivers seat.
  14. People that are late every day with a different excuse but count down until home time! Work shy & un organised people People that run for the blower to avoid any raking up People that argue about how to do a job instead of doing as they are asked!
  15. Delta pressure washer is the one to have. Interpump with reduction gear box & honda engine.


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