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  1. West australia based , i'd be interested in helping
  2. Have you tried searching on seek.com.au?
  3. My partner got her working holiday visa while 31... You woul get it only for a year though. This being your 30th year ... Apply now!!! If your after a straight 457 visa ( temp long stay work visa) then you'll need a job offer. I've recently gone from working holiday visa to 457. (I'm 31) . Hope this helps?
  4. Is the checking of relevant qualifications only part of the process? Was under the impression that more was involved?
  5. <p>Hi oli99. Are you online now?</p>

  6. White/blue card would be a good idea. Where are you heading in oz? Am a team leader just south of perth. If I can be of any help , let me know Oli
  7. Try contacting the tree guild of WA
  8. hi, just come across your advert in the employment section, could you provide a few more details please ?


  9. "If the rope stretches, it acts as an energy absorber, thus easing the loading on both the load and the anchor point" yes it does ease it , but not enough to justify its use. Having never personally tried using rock climbing rope for anything other than its intended purpose i can only comment using information put across by tutors at college from a few years ago.
  10. is was lead to beleive it has to do with shock loading anchor point, dynamic rope (rock climbing rope) is designed to stretch as a fall takes place, if it were used in a tree and a fall ocoured the chance of failure at the anchor point is greatly increased?
  11. any dates/ locations been thought of? would be interested in meeting up for a fun climb
  12. if you can afford it the ten week course will give you a much better base of knowledge, as you'll not only have relevant tickets but also hopefully understand more about what/ why your doing things. Having said that a one week course will mean that in a far shorter time period your back in the work place, providing you can find it.
  13. oli99

    Climbing Kit

    and blow the beer budget? lol


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