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  1. In france at the moment but back thurs/fri. So can hook up after then. Drop me a pm with number or facebook me. Got plenty to go at at mine so no issue with finding a spot.
  2. Sixstrings, I'm in staffs if you want a rec climb got loads of sweet trees to play in. What you want to know SRT for access or work positioning? Can run you through both if you can get across, I'm just off the A5 nr Gailey.
  3. Theres a dude in France climbing on 9mm Marlow prussic cord..... He's a quality climber.
  4. Another little edit for you all. Hope you enjoy!!!
  5. Dak

    Explore Baobabs

    The insides of the fruit does, but no, they don't smell.
  6. That dude footlocked an 80m Euc on single line haha! Legend
  7. Cheers Mark I'm sure i'll come up with something else soon enough. Running out of Alt-J Tunes
  8. ROB: Yep sorry buddy! Paul: Looks like you had fun, especially with the misses!. Did you check out any of the "big trees" while you where over there?. David: Diddley squat on the baobab. One or two of the yellowwoods had some brackets, I'll see if i can dig out a pic for you at some point. Worcs: That was me on the act safe first time round, Drew on it the next shot I think. Ye great album, It was my "soundtrack to Africa" while I was out there before we started climbing so it seemed fitting to use it. Glad you all enjoyed it.
  9. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DX9UA3VWL7s]Check It out HERE.[/ame] Hope you all enjoy!
  10. Have a good one guys, I hope you all take a little bit of Africa home in your hearts! You will be back... So I hope your first visit is a good, safe, productive and thought provoking journey.. Say hey to home for me
  11. Macbook pro is your 1 answer, that and a 1TB external HD, I don't know much about computers, just that mac's work for media! Little tip.. go refurbished
  12. Dak

    Explore Baobabs

    Thanks folks, Still got more to come of course, bear with me in editing. Alt-J Something good, and Disolve me.


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