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  1. Parkster, is there potential 457 visa? Good firm to work for?
  2. Been through. Just thought I'd give it a go in here see if anyone had anything.
  3. I have. Most of them are agency. Their not really interested as I want to head back for the summer.
  4. I'm currently in Melbourne on a working holiday visa, working for a firm already though looking to move else where. Are there any climbing jobs available at the moment? J
  5. Urubaen


    Hi guys i've been wondering for a while now what to do with old trousers that are no good, do you just through them away? J
  6. Good luck finding someone to work on planes. Evil things.
  7. As i've said before, great company to work for. Can't go wrong.
  8. Urubaen

    Rate My Hinge.

    Nice and clean Frank.
  9. Ye worth every penny you spent on him.
  10. Urubaen

    Rate My Hinge.

    I've posted the rest of the pictures from the fell under general tree pics hope there as good as this one.
  11. As i had a wonderful comment off rate my hinge thought i would post the rest of the photos that came with the fell
  12. Urubaen

    Rate My Hinge.

    Ash fell on a golf course.
  13. such a weird person, reminds me of forest gump for some reason.
  14. Good video watched it while waiting for f1 to get started again. New shiny saws though?
  15. Yasus. Any one that needs a hand climbing, groundsman give me a shout. Lack of work is starting to get to me. Hopefully the weather brings some work in.


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