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  1. SMN Tree and Landscape Management based in Wigan greater manchester are looking for a trainee tree surgeon as an apprentice. No formal experience is required. The only prerequisite is a full driving licence and an ability to learn and work hard with an attitude to tree work. Initially not shy to drag brash and generally muck in. After an initial trial period of upto 6 months of informal training, if sufficient aptitude shown, we will look towards a more formal package of training. Pay based upon current level of skill and will increase accordingly. If interested pm a brief cv and contact details. Steve SMN trees
  2. detritus21

    Rigging kit

    I'd go with one of the stein smaller bollards like the rc1000 or 2000. We have the smallest one and it has done some frighteningly big pieces.
  3. detritus21


    It also depends if it is HP or Lease Hire. Lease hire is slightly more complex to do but arblease would guide you through
  4. detritus21

    Rigging rope

    14mm sirius rope here on my second lot. Snapped the first one snatch pulling a 500kg length of poplar up hill with the land rover (it was about to be replaced anyway). It is a nice rope to tie with and at less than £100 really isn't bad
  5. detritus21

    Old climbing rope needed to help Red Squirrels.

    I've some off cuts of rope of various lengths I've retired. Not sure how they became off cuts
  6. detritus21

    What equiptment to go for? Arb wood processing

    exactly the way I'm thinking of going with it.
  7. detritus21

    Chances of heave if willow is felled?

    It is well away to not cause heave. If it was an nhbc build the tree is well outside the zone of influence with regards to potential damage to foundations/heave.
  8. detritus21

    BS category for lapsed pollard

    Its a b1 from me as well. It has high amenity but also potential issues which would drop from a to b
  9. detritus21

    Stump grinding in the RPA

    Stump removal within the rpa should be by grinding as it causes less root damage as far as I remember. I'll have a look in 5837 as there is defo something written in there
  10. detritus21

    river clearance

    Alot of canal tree work is done by tilhill/fountains or whatever they are called nowadays. Rivers and canals are mainly canal and river trust responsibility who have preferred contractors such as above
  11. After a climber or groundy for one day in wigan on Tuesday 23rx. May lead to more work. Easy job retopping/repollard of a few trees.PM for more details.
  12. detritus21

    Rainhill, L35 Woodchip tip site

    At Kirkby just make sure the chip is clean with no log as they will charge you. I've tipped about 30tonne of chip there in the last couple of months
  13. detritus21

    Woodchip for school. Health risk?

    Even play bark has spores un it. Once spread out on the floor I really wouldn't worry
  14. detritus21

    Defender suspension upgrade

    Also I don't believe +2 inch eats ujs partcilarly. Good quality ones seem to last well.
  15. detritus21

    Defender suspension upgrade

    I have standard heavy duty fronts with plus 2 inch heavy duty terrafirma on the rear. Keeps things level when heavily loaded. Also have a terrafirma extra hd anti rollbar which helps no end. Mine will carry 1.2 tonne of chip with high sides and not look overweight even though it is. Still handles well with a bit of roll if you were to drive with that kind of weight on the road.


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