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    Near Winchester, Hampshire
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    When can I have time for hobbies????
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    Chairman and Principal Consultant with CBA Trees, a Ltd Company with 20+ employees

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  1. Was booked to go today, but personal issues stopped me last minute. Now off to Oz for the ISA Annual Conference. Congratulations are obviously due to Jonesie for another great show.
  2. I find this matter almost unbelievable, there must be some mistake. Thanks Tony for trying to sort this out. Let me know if I can help. Colin ISA International President Elect.
  3. Hi John Sorry about delay in replying but only just got back from the States. I am not sure of the answer but I will make enquiries of the Chapter office and will get back to you. Colin
  4. Hi Janey I am a little puzzled as to who you would have liked to meet? Gary is certainly worthwhile spending some time with as are all the keen arboricultural fraternity, but me ............. I do not usually have young ladies wanting to meet me, but hey I can dream!!!!!!!
  5. eponym - one who gives his name to things, institutions, places or in this case a Conference. Gary is tickled pink that he now has had a conference named after him. Cirencester, Steve looks most unlikely now as I am hosting Gary around the English Riviera. Hang in there we WILL have those beers soon.
  6. The whole day and the genrerous hospitality of Barchams was stupendous. Speakers brilliant and the networking between nearly 400 attendees (sorry Tony you must have been looking out of one eye) was unbelieveable. Gary Watson is now staying for a couple of days with us down South, so I will have to explain the word eponymous to him in the american lingo!!!
  7. Thanks for this service Steve. Much appreciated.
  8. This is happening all too often. I am getting more and more such cases each year. Please, please lads and lassies remember tree work is always potentially dangerous. Think and think again before taking any action. I hear of so many such cases and accidents from around the world, that however does not make UK accidents easier to reconcile. Above all climb and work safely. My condolences to family and friends of our lost brother. Colin Bashford ISA International President Elect.
  9. Enjoy the day Steve. Happy Birthday mate.
  10. The UK/I has just produced its first electronic copy of Treeline it's quarterly newsletter. Currently it is available online for all to see. Check it out at Welcome to the International Society of Arboriculture UK and Ireland Chapter - Welcome :: Home :: ISA UK&I Chapter Seems good to me Colin International ISA President Elect
  11. Arborist Sites, where doyou find the information to support the above statements.
  12. Hi Hamadryad Those of us with those very very special friends totally understand your grief and loss. You must however remember the good times and hopefully look forward to the next best friend. Cheers my friend. Colin
  13. Steve there is always a good contingent of UK and European climbers at the ITCC. If you get there then it will be a great excuse for more beer. As if we neeeded an excuse!!!!!!! You really have not lived until you have been to ISA Annual Conference and the ITCC. Hope to see you there. Colin
  14. Brilliant. Makes my model railways look stupid. Great stuff and well done. Colin


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