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  1. Hi Matt, im in New Zealand and just purchased either a 1-71 or 1-93 Danarm, how can i tell the difference?, no stickers except serial number

  2. <p>Hello Matt,I am looking for a body for a komatsu 652ave saw and just wondered if you might have some thing in your graveyard.Thanks Jonathan Gilmour.</p>

  3. On a serious note I have dealt with hundreds of windblowns as we have the contract for west berks road clearence. Our favourite method of clearance is the use of telehandler and timbergrab. This can be use to pull hung up trees down if deemed safe. Also the use of a cooks pto winch on the back of a major has prooved helpful in tricky situations. Where the root plate is moving mewps can sometimes be the order of the day, I did once climb and dismantle a 50 ft silver birch while the rootplate was yawning up and down however this was not a pleasant experience . Stay safe out there :-)
  4. oh just here and there, hither and yon. we have been quite busy recently so havent found time to get on here, also recently married and doing some house renovations. However, the saws are sharp, the telehandler is poised, and we wait for more tree work!
  5. I really hope this one comes
  6. Been busy done quite a few site clearances and a few big trees. Got married and now expecting a baby !
  7. Just like to say sorry to anyone I offended or annoyed over Christmas and thanks to Steve for letting such a naughty boy back on his site ! P.S ( bet you all have missed me though! )
  8. Dear all I was behind the recent fraping of Butler and if he is thick enough to leave his account open I will frape him good and hard Yours Ty korrigan ( aka matt butler) Ading and abetting were: Steve Bullman Steve Blair Skyhuck Also thanks to Mick Stockbridge for his tech support
  9. dunno what that particular one is called, but its defo a copy of a komatsu 500
  10. Nah seriously, my old man has a massive arrow woodburner, shove it full of conifer it goes hot all night, put hardwood in it it just smoulders away. Unless of course it's barn dried for about a decade!
  11. Hardwood is overrated!!! leylandii is where it's at


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