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  1. Hi John which college is the open event at ? Also will there be anyone available th talk about apprenticeships we're looking to take one on shortly Tony
  2. We've used these folks Scarlet Oak Engineering, Bromsgrove Tony
  3. Sorry that should read Tavistock
  4. Hi I'm looking for a log supplier for a pub in Tavisock they take approx 2t every 3 weeks give me a shout if your interested Tony
  5. I'm looking for a plank of yew for a mantle shelf anyone fairly local to me in the midlands got anything? Tony
  6. We use Global plant they're not to far from Kings Heath
  7. Another vote for Ian Morgan from us. I'm in Wychbold near j5 M5 howdy neighbour
  8. And they walk past the bigger logs leaving em for me, sprogs who'd have em Tony
  9. Try joining the Pigeon Chat forum lots of very usefull info, much like this forum Tony
  10. I forgot to say when you take em training keep em at the same spot until they beat you home, with mine it's about three chucks then they get a couple of single ups Get in touch if you want a chat, welcome to the most frustrating sport you'll ever participate in Tony
  11. You should try to take em every day or as often as you can. Mine get 5 @ 10mile, 5@ 20 mile, 5@ 35 mile with a few single or double ups so they learn to navigate solo and then take em as far as you can 50, 60 or 70 mile. Does your club/fed have a training van/trailer? Ours charge 20p a pigeon they take em as far as we want Tony
  12. Hi Arborist you need to get a few races into em as young birds or you stand a good chance of losing em as yearlings Tony
  13. Shooting racing pigeons is still illegal.
  14. I generally start the young bird season with 30 and finish with between 5 or 10. Just keep the best no point breeding from duffers Tony
  15. If you carn't tell the difference between a woody and a racer I suggest you hand your licence back to the plod:sneaky2:


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