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Mapping trees - new seminar

Paul Barton

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Hi all,




Here are details of a new seminar running on October 23rd 2015:




Mapping Trees - an introduction CAD & GIS in Arboriculture


Accurately mapping trees and displaying the relevant information on plans is an essential part of modern arboricultural consultancy. With the rapid advance in GPS technologies, mobile computing and computer aided design software, many arboriculturists are left wondering where to start, exactly what is required and how much it will cost to begin producing high quality maps.




This new one day seminar is aimed at tree surveyors and consultants that wish to gain a better understanding of the concepts of CAD and GIS. The seminars will cover topics such as:


How GPS and GIS can streamline collecting data in tree surveys


What the available range of hardware and software available can do (and costs!)


How to display tree survey information required by BS5837 in AutoCAD.




The presentations will be delivered by two expert speakers: James England (GIS Solutions) and Mike Shilton (Keyscapes software). The morning session (GIS) will include time to try out a range of GPS devices and software and the afternoon session (CAD) will demonstrate how collected survey information can be presented using CAD. The day will include question and answer sessions, hot drinks and lunch.




Venue: Minerva Mill Innovation Centre, Station Road, Alcester, B49 5ET.


Time: 9.30am - 4.30pm.


Cost: £95 per delegate.








1. Speakers background - Forestry, Arboriculture, GIS - small independent consultant




2. Introduction to GIS, GNSS, GPS




3. What is GIS?


a. How does it differ from CAD?


b. Types of GIS data - points, lines and polygons


c. Free data sources OS OpenData and paid data eg. OS MasterMap




4. Types of mobile mapping hardware and software, GPS Devices, tablets, laser range finders


a. Hardware & Software available


b. What can they do?


c. What are the costs of hardware and software?


d. Tree Management software vs bespoke setup




5. What are the benefits to Arboriculture


a. Help with Tree Management - efficient data capture


b. Can help to plan efficient surveys


c. TPO reviews


d. Accurately mapping trees for BS5837 predevelopment surveys


e. Tree Management Software is largely GIS software (give examples)


f. Inspection programmes & tree work management


g. Enquiries




6. Possible outputs from using GIS / GPS


a. Tree data capture (in the field & in the office)


b. Producing maps & reports


c. Assigning photographs to tree points


d. Exporting to KML for Google Earth Pro (free) link to article


e. Exporting to Excel


f. Web mapping - sharing data




7. Hands on session




8. Developments for the future




9. Question & Answer session






1.Introduction and background


2.CAD Basics


a.Understanding base plans sent to you – Topo and CAD drawings




c.The drawing tools


d.Drawing and plotting to scale




3.Creating a tree survey in CAD?


a.Creating a BS5837 tree survey manually in CAD


b.Using KeyTREE, specialist application software to draw trees


c.Importing multiple trees direct from site data


d.Shadow analysis


e.Preparing and sharing your drawing with others – plotting, PDF, Google Earth




4.Trees and Buildings


a.Overview of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and the future


b.Working with Architects and others in 3D




5.Developments for the future




6.Hardware specifications, options and requirements




7.Question & Answer session

Edited by Paul Barton
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Paul, great to see this course come to fruition. Unfortunately can't make that date. But if you're thinking about running another, in midlands I'd be very keen to go. Sounds like good course. And you didn't do it again, you put date in first sentence í*½í¸



Thanks Jamie. Shame you can't make this one - will hopefully run another if this proves popular.


Btw, I edited my post to add the date after Sean pointed out it was missing!

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