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Anyone else building a pole barn at the moment ?

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I need a big shelter and 6 telegraph poles have showed up and I have a heap of large long square timber.


No idea how to join square to tele so any pics would be much appreciated. I am thinking cut poles in half and have roof about 9ft high. Steel single sheet on top.


Not decided if I am going to clad the sides depends on what shows up in the next few weeks.


Anyone else doing the same

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hi steve,


heres the old cattle shed, its hydro poles and 8"x3" timbers for the walls and 6"x2" for the roof.

all the rails are bolted to the poles and the bottom rails are set in about 2inch to even out the taper

stands about 14' high and the poles are set in 4' of concrete


its not the prettiest but dose the job



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Do you not have loads of pop and a mill Steve? Pop makes OK cladding.

Here's one I'm working on, all oak and no metal fixings in it anywhere.


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You should do your 'set out' first trying to get the poles in as upright and as square as is possible. A tractor/360 driven auger will be a great assistance here. Try and work the building in with the timber available and consider snow loading......

Don't worry if the poles wobble the ground will settle around them eventually but a little concrete will help there. Not too much in case you want/need to move in the future....

So, the poles are in. Using a datum peg (finished floor/concrete/earth) measure to where you want your roof height to be. You will have decided your pitch aspect and I'd allow a fall of 18" in 20'. Monopitch. Mark the highest two poles, work your fall & mark the rear posts. Pull a line between the front & back and mark the slope on the centre poles.

You will need a tower scaffold to go round each pole for the next phase.

Cut all the posts with your chainsaw to these marks, unless you have the tops level to start with? You now have six posts standing like soldiers. Your main rails should go from front to rear and can be lapped on the centre posts with a scarf joint. All joints should be scarf joints including those on the poles you can 'improve' these with butt plates on the horizontal timbers. I would use carriage bolts for joining the horizontal timbers to the poles and a selection of foamy glue and carriage bolts for the horizontal timbers on their own.

Wind-bracing is important too, like an old fashioned barn. In fact look at al old timber barn and you'll get the idea! A diagonal in the roof will not go amiss. Google 'purlin cleats' and you'll get what I mean as these are a useful item to stop purlins rolling...

Good luck!


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Extended this pole shed last year, used poles as rafters too, put footrests on at right height sat poles on them and bolted poles together, 4x4 on roof 4x2 sides, all clad.


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Good pics and ideas.

I have got some big pops and a woodmizer. I cant get the woodmizer to plank nr the root plate just wont have it. If I cut the end off will leave butts about 6ft long ? so a bit short for cladding but may still be worth a go. Does pop weather ok


I have some 12mm studding so may use that to screw together.

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