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  1. Hi As title im after a large diameter cambio debarker/reducer in working condition or in need of TLC? If anyone knows where one is please let me know! Thanks Graham
  2. how many beams do you need machined? got two big moulders at Inverness and i'd happily have a profile made for that and future use etc.
  3. Yes this is the improved version and its going up north for holidays. The new trailer is just perfect for this build because it can go anywhere the tractor or mog can
  4. Yes its brand new and it means that the build is done to the best we can from the start. Its still in the yard, drop me a PM when your passing and have a look! (social distancing etc.)
  5. build on a new trailer!
  6. built this for the neighbour and the kids love it!
  7. I think the generator is not big enough for a 37kw machine. My small mill is 50kw and a gardner 6lx 10.5L 100kva generator that plods away all day and night, long hours is not uncommon whilst using 5-6L diesel an hour - works out about £3 per hour I guess the same as mains. when the generator is under full load running our sander at 100kw the fuel consumption easily doubles and its not too happy
  8. they will make an example of you, anything to make their figures look good. sorry hope for the best
  9. zero flex as drum diameter is 260mm and 51'' = 1300mm, machine weighs 4 tons and has 100hp
  10. I got a 51''! would you not be better just mill slowly with stelite blades for a good finish?
  11. its worth a go problem is that they are that specialised nobody wants to part knowledge etc. although most commonly used as a spotter its an exceptional platform for any application, one day i'll get it to sharpen my chain! (hopefully by the end of the week)
  12. Hi all this is probably the wrong forum for this but do you know anything about SC4+ M2000 controllers, setup, CAD or calibration?😀
  13. our 42 has 800mm cut
  14. a stenner 42 cant have more than an 800mm cut, i'll measure mine tomorrow. the primultini and carriage is a better option but looks like a 1200 pulley with 900mm carriage and maximum log of just over a meter. Interesting to see their asking price
  15. pics please! set up for a band rack is easy a few points when setting the mill on steel mount the headrig (pulleys) level and place the benches either side, tension up the blade and run a length of high tensile fence wire from end to end of the benches in the center (actually 3mm to one side(frontside)) of the cut line then move the benches so the wire touches the blade. you have a perfectly lined sawmill. bands last forever. I have never bought new ones try and get the motor and starter if possible as they will match cut speed will not be as fast as you think with a steel frame sun light can upset it if its unevenly heated up e.g. front of the bench is heated this causes it to expand and lockup against the rollers all in £10k but could be done cheap £5k trackmet will hold is value, the rackmill is basically scrap 🙁


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