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  1. Scottish tree surgeon scales back to focus on work he enjoys

    I have been in touch with Keith and discussed the WM1000/2000/3500 and as I understand the new machine is overall more efficient on larger diameter timbers. Being the first mill of its kind (heavy WM range at least) in Scotland I think the point fits ok Keith, free beers at our stand next year!
  2. Stenner Bandsaw and Kirkbride Resaw

    lol just me then:001_tt2:
  3. what to treat oak with

    thats very good! thanks for your advice
  4. what to treat oak with

    Hey guys, Im trying to push for an oak panelled shower but im guessing you would need a special coating to protect from hot water and soap. Has anyone done it or is this even safe? Thanks Graham
  5. Stenner Bandsaw and Kirkbride Resaw

    i would say 1400 to set up not including any wages. 800 could be insulting, i was recently offered 1200 for my old 42 head rig and we bought our 42 stenner for 2500 few years back
  6. Leaving back tipped

    shouldnt be a problem there at all just remember to let it down when driving. if the hydraulic system is sound it will not fall overnight, my only concern would be safety for children e.g. place your fingers in the gap while i play with the remote
  7. thats your truck not the tires
  8. Making the news today....

    naw! they would just expect more money for little effort. i think that when you start out its best for you to have low wages as an incentive for you to better your skills that will lead to higher pay
  9. Larch

    This is very true. Ultimately if you are not in control of the full milling process you will find it difficult to cut larch. I dont find the time of year affects saw logs. On all softwood i check for tension before cutting, if the log is positioned correctly you can avoid timber springing all over the place, even the really bad stuff can be broken down in multiple passes removing tension as boards that are thin enough they dont cause problems. Adjust your cutting speed when cutting irregular logs this gives your bands more time to fully cut the timber instead of following the grain. happy milling guys!
  10. Larch

    I love it! cuts very well with easy positioning
  11. French Election

    I agree his points are extreme but sometimes you can find things online that are reality and are extreme therefore real and this makes his points valid. The 3000 was that due to drink driving? A solution would be to fit new cars with a breathalyser that wouldnt allow an intoxicated driver on the roads, it could be a free option fitted to the vehicle that if installed could/would result in 15% lower insurance for the vehicle, getting people to think about the value of life via their wallet and nobody really wants to drink drive right? With terrorism the individual/organisation want to do it and theres your difference it must be dealt with. One way to do this would be to elect Le Pen(just because i watched another scotspine1 propaganda video and i dont see anything extreme there, hang-on?)
  12. French Election

    have you watched his last video? there wont be a country left to lead in 15 to 20 years time.
  13. Diesel Mill Undercover

    yes i could see a problem with fumes. i had the exhaust fall off my older mill that ran off a large diesel engine in a building of similar size, the engine was stationary with the exhaust going outside the building and within a few seconds of the failure the inside of the shed was blue with smoke. when i fitted our newer bandsaw in a building with three sides open the mill was ran for short times while the mill was calibrated and again the exhaust fumes were not directed outside so after about 15 min it was unbearable to stand inside the shed. i wouldnt think that you would have as bad a problem as this but think about how much burnt gas you and anyone else could be breathing in
  14. Always check halfway down a foresters back...

    Ha! more like a spine:laugh1:
  15. Just Unlucky ?

    well if its imported wood the op wants its that they get I have stopped firewood because I cannot make money taking time to satisfy everyone however I did about ten years supplying inverness in scotland. in that time I had 64 repeat customers ordering from one truck load (2.2m3 loose this load fills about 2.7 to 3 cube bags) to lorry loads at a time about 120 cube a year was my best customer. my personal record was 14 truck loads made and delivered in one day. I did not advertise to do this I had a good reputation by first asking the customer what size of split firewood they preferred and how chunky they wanted it next step what species of hardwood would you like? to make this work we had 500 ton of 'seasoned' wood ready at anyone time (seasoned, my definition, wood that had been felled and stored outside in stacks for three to four years = 20% mc with birch and beech processed quickly. i actually used the term 'dry' when describing firewood as everyone can season green oak in a month:sneaky2:) so when a customer wanted firewood I would have wood ready under cover with good air flow through the stacks at less than 18%mc. this was then cut and split manually to get proper shaped logs not mashed through a processor. if the customer was good i.e. over five years repeat orders i would stack firewood free of charge and or give free bags of kindlers (16kg nets) the above results in very happy customers. i had my share of unhappy customers e.g. i left those logs on the lawn and then it rained and then they got wet and then they were wet, you have supplied me with wet logs. im not paying (yes i would supply and let a compete stranger post a cheque). what killed it in the end was our product was beginning to get too expensive for folks that genuinely needed wood as a fuel to heat their homes not just a luxury. its not honest after that in my local area theres lots of good folk so i guess it was worth doing? or maybe im just stupid but hey we all get tarred by the same brush


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