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  1. Graham w

    Stenner price

    our 42 has 800mm cut
  2. Graham w

    Stenner price

    a stenner 42 cant have more than an 800mm cut, i'll measure mine tomorrow. the primultini and carriage is a better option but looks like a 1200 pulley with 900mm carriage and maximum log of just over a meter. Interesting to see their asking price
  3. Graham w

    Stenner price

    pics please! set up for a band rack is easy a few points when setting the mill on steel mount the headrig (pulleys) level and place the benches either side, tension up the blade and run a length of high tensile fence wire from end to end of the benches in the center (actually 3mm to one side(frontside)) of the cut line then move the benches so the wire touches the blade. you have a perfectly lined sawmill. bands last forever. I have never bought new ones try and get the motor and starter if possible as they will match cut speed will not be as fast as you think with a steel frame sun light can upset it if its unevenly heated up e.g. front of the bench is heated this causes it to expand and lockup against the rollers all in £10k but could be done cheap £5k trackmet will hold is value, the rackmill is basically scrap 🙁
  4. Graham w

    Saw milling directory

    we're doing our largest order to date i'll try get photos tomorrow
  5. any pics? sounds like good fun
  6. Graham w

    Saw milling directory

    Excellent idea! Graham Whyte Brenta/stenner tandem 1600 13m x 2.1m maximum cut Inverness , Highland 07522107371 Whytesawmill@gmail.com
  7. Graham w

    Stenner sawmill for sale, Northamptonshire

    you can easily increase the cut capacity by introducing a spacer block to the main casting thus raising the top pulley e.g. 600mm spacer = 1400mm cut capacity you then have a usable saw 😀
  8. Graham w

    Stenner sawmill for sale, Northamptonshire

    twmarriott was looking for a proper mill a little while ago, this sounds like a 54 i dont want to spoil the fun but there was two 54's with carriages sold for basically scrap value at carlisle few weeks back
  9. Graham w

    Beech saw log wanted

    no photos of the sawmill till shes up and running (currently in limp mode!)
  10. Graham w

    Beech saw log wanted

    currently have two staircases and a kitchen in beech this week without trying. we will be handling 400 to 600 tons of beech this year as we'll use it in our workshop, the timbers good be a shame to waste
  11. Graham w

    Beech saw log wanted

    I've never had a problem with beech infact it sells out quicker than elm! mills well, exceptionally strong and widely available. we have 50 slices 3000x700x50 in stock and happy to mill to any length and size up to 45'
  12. Graham w

    New Mill suggestions?

    you could build one or have one built with used parts- that was the best option when i upgraded from circular rack and band rack but it can turn out to be a huge time consumer. I'll do separate thread on the build when its finished👍
  13. Graham w

    New Mill suggestions?

    a band rack and circular are at the commercial end of sawmills available and to reproduce the equipment you have new today would be touching a 100k, no joke a new primlutini 1200 saw head is £55k +vat and its basically a 48(i have the quote😲). i bet they haven't broken much in 20 years too because back then stuff had to work unlike today where we have failures due to design parameters. there are a handful of brandnew sub £20k mills up here that are falling to bits after a few days work. i think you will struggle to find a mill for your budget that could be considered an upgrade. sorry if im a little critical
  14. Graham w

    Douglas Fir and sequoia value

    £10 - 15 ft3 average for DF
  15. Graham w

    How to build a cart wheel?

    night and day😁


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