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Re spacing of natural re-gen

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I have been asked to quote per hectare for a 9 hectare site:

To respace the broadleaves to 2.5m and to clear the bramble from the understorey.


I am going to have a look at the site on Friday, but i have not done this kind of work before.

Have any of you and want do you think price wise.


Any advice helpfull or otherwise :lol: will be greatly recieved

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Iain H   

Depends on size of trees and density. It it is first thinning then probably £600 - £800 per hectare for felling and clearing. Then if you can get a tractor with heavy duty flail in the wood you want another £100 hectare for mulching brash and bramble. We have done pruning/brashing work in 15-18 year old hardwood stands planted at 2.1m and charge £600 per hectare. You have to crack on with it but you can make £150 a day. Hope this helps.

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Big J   

We are on a job at the moment clearing birch regen from a sitka stand. It's about 7-9 years old, the sitka is up to 20ft (more commonly 15ft) and the birch is up to 30ft. There is also regen larch that's even taller at about 35ft.


Anyway, I should imagine that we would make quicker progress through this than you would completely thinning the stand, but we are clearing a hectare a day with two guys. Some of the denser patches of birch are very dense indeed too. Perhaps half that rate would apply for your job, so work it out from your day rate and go from there.

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Cheers peoples, i can propably get my hands on a 4x4 kabota and 4' fail which should help speed things up.


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I'd be interested to know how you got on with the thinning/mulching, as I'm starting to take on this sort of work with an alpine tractor and forestry mulching flail. Knowing what to charge is as always the tricky bit.

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We do sitka re-spacing for the FC; small stuff upto 3"; use clearing saws. Granite everywhere eats blades! Can't remember what we got paid tho! Will look up invoices...


Don't worry, i priced it at £650 per hectare, and did not get it, WOO HOO.


Once i saw what was involved, 10-15' trees, lots of branbles, knee deep holes filled with water and smelly slime, and waist high stumps every where..........

Anyone else tempted.

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