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  1. Re spacing of natural re-gen

    Hello, I'd be interested to know how you got on with the thinning/mulching, as I'm starting to take on this sort of work with an alpine tractor and forestry mulching flail. Knowing what to charge is as always the tricky bit.
  2. Hello Chris,

    how are you?

  3. What would you pay for standing birch?

    Hi Chris, Happy New Year! It's good processor size 8-12". The other difference between arb and forestry is that if (very unlikely obviously) the tree goes the wrong way, there aren't any greenhouses/cars etc to wreck.
  4. Hello everyone, I've been offered some standing timber. It's mostly Birch with a small amount of Ash and Hazle. Access is pretty good, but they want all the understorey clearing and brash in piles or wind rows. There's probably 40 ton ish, but that is quite a rough guess. What would you expect to pay/be paid?
  5. Anyone interested in re-selling briquettes?

    Hi Andy, I am just looking into the possibility of stocking briquettes alongside my logs. Could you send me a price list. I will probably sell by the dumpy bag, so a price for that size would be good. Also delivery to Herefordshire. my email is bingoben@hotmail.com
  6. Axe recommendations

    Gransfors gets my vote as well. Hand forged swedish craftsmanship, I've not come across any better. Sit down before you look at the prices though.
  7. Tractor 80/100 hp for woods what do you think

    How about a Valmet 6800. There's one at Davies Implements It's on for £13000 so a bit out of the £10000 budget and it still needs guarding, but it looks pretty good.
  8. Hi, taxation class is currently PLG and the body type is "light 4x4 utility". There's photos of it in the classifieds under vehicles for sale. I think i've changed my mind about selling it if i can convert it. thanks all
  9. Hi Jonathan, i very much doubt you'ld be able to register it as an agricultural vehicle anyway.
  10. I am considering converting my land rover 127 ambulance to a dropside flatbed. The question is, if i do, will i have to change taxatioin class and what are the issues if i do? thanks for your help guys. ben
  11. Palax KS35 or Hakki 1X37?

    Hi Rovers90, i looked at the apf as well. The palax is certainly a bit heavier (about 100kg). I have been using a Hakki Pilke Hawk, which is a smaller machine, but similar to the 1x37. The things i find annoying with the hawk are, the outfeed conveyer getting jammed with crap under the belt, it looks as though this wouldn't happen with the palax 's chain conveyer. logs dropping into the splitting trough sideways on and jamming in the splitter. How much have you used the palax? What's good? what's not? thanks for your info Ben
  12. Logs..do you sell by weight, or volume

    I sell by container volume. 3/4 cubic metre sacks of logs. The sack is definately 3/4 cubic metre and noone can argue.
  13. Palax KS35 or Hakki 1X37?

    Hello all, I am considering these two machines and wondered if anyone has experience of them. I am looking at the joystick versions of both. I will be putting all sorts through it, not just straight clean birch and ash. Let me know what your thoughts are.
  14. Has anyone got any experience with compressed sawdust briquettes? A local company has asked if I want to sell them along side my normal split logs. Any comments?


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