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HIAB to 4 wheel trailer adaptation?

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I pull this four wheel rough terrain flatbed trailer behind my 406. It weighs 2500lb, has a safe working load of 8000lbs and air/hydraulic brakes.


The HIAB 8108-2 was originally mounted on the rear of a HEMTT ten ton truck.


I like the hydraulic winch attachment. The crane lifts 5400lb at 16.5feet and 4500lb at 20.5feet.:thumbup:


According to my manual the crane (5000lbs) is too heavy for my mog. :blushing:Can someone tell me how large a crane a 406 can accomodate?


I am dreaming I can adapt it so it can be carried flat on the trailer and unloaded to an upright position with winch and/or hydraulics. The slide/tilt off the trailer would have to be done on flat ground.


I could mount behind the Unimog in a spider crane configuration. That is, add a 7 foot leg to the bottom support out the back and a leg to the Unimog sprag. Thus I would have 3 support legs and the Unimog sprag on the ground would make the remaining support.


When not in use the Unimog could be detached and the crane stand on 3 legs with the boom extended past the middle leg for balance.


Mobility would be compromised but this setup would be used for a few days at a time as part of a skyline operation in steep terrain.


Sounds a little crazy but I like salvage projects and I think this could be done for very little money.


Any suggestions or comments?:biggrin:



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id say that cranes too big to put on the mog and youd just twist the trailer. if your wanting to move timber then youd be far better to get a timber crane as that one will be very slow.


theres a trailer in the classifieds in here that would be far better behind your 900 than the 4 wheeled one. its being worked by a u1000 which is about the same size as your u900




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Gee thanks for the comments. :confused1: I should clarify a bit. The listed crane looks really nice but way above my means. My challenge is to have a small skyline yarder/loader (microYOADER) on the cheap but I am not opposed to putting in a lot of construction time. I have a lot more time than money. :blushing: All the wood is unmarketable here in the US. Most of it is below 10" diameter but there are occasional pieces up to 4' diameter. It has to be buried, burned, chipped or given away. Expenses paid by homeowner.


The military weapons trailer has a very strong 1' x 2' beam as a backbone along its 14' length. I paid less than $500 for it. I will pay less than $3000 for the HIAB delivered. My boneyard has lots of structural steel waiting to be used. This HIAB has fore/aft tilt cylinders which I think are necessary because of a serious lack of flat ground here in the Sierra foothills. My main concern is not so much weight but high center of gravity. Thus I would like to be able to fold the crane down for transport and pin it in place.


The question for my dream HIAB is 'to be or not to be'.


Again, thanks for the comments:biggrin:


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heres a couple of pics of a mates 406(1100) mog with a large atlas crane that was factory fitted from new it has a large crane chassis mounted to the mog with 4 legs

the first pic is when we collected it the second is finished and working



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Thanks for the pics niftysteve:thumbup1:


Scaling off the picture of the Atlas and a picture of the HIAB, there is about one foot more height on the HIAB. I think this is mainly because it is on a fore/aft tilt pedestal with the axis of rotation 18" above the bottom. This would cause a higher center of gravity if mounted in the middle of the Mog. I think I would need to either mount it on the back or a trailer.


I am just now looking at the bid price and they are about $1000 over what my budget would allow. Just as well I suppose but it was an exciting prospect for a week.


Thanks to all for the comments.:001_smile:

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The HIAB cranes all went for $8400. :thumbdown: Thats a bit more than 9% of their cost in 2001 but more than I can bear.:blushing: All needed some work but mainly they are being phased out. From my look at them they are too big for my little Mog 406 but they might run with the big Mogs.:biggrin: The fact that they are capable of remote operation and have fore/aft tilt seems valuable for 'off road' work. Here are my doodlings for different ways to mount and keep center of gravity in reasonable bounds.


Google Sketchup rocks:thumbup:



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