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    Its not really worth worrying about if thats all that you get fined for the first time your caught.
  2. Jon have you got a link. iv never noticed it there thanks
  3. Wanlockhead. About half way between Glasgow and Dumfries
  4. been doing a bit of snow blowing last week
  5. Ok. Out of curiosity what is this based on?
  6. iv got new and old style sitting side by side. The new is defiantly lighter built. The mesh on the ladder rack is half as think. Also its not until you collect your new trailer that they tell you that the ramp holder is now an optional extra on the new model. Do you know anyone that dose not have ramps on there trailer?
  7. What RPMs dose the engine want to be doing for both the machines? id have thought the pto cone would want to be at tick over and the hydraulic splitter would want to be a lot faster
  8. i have a logic flail, its a bit under powered so you need to go slowly which quads dont like. I tow mine behind the avant with another hydraulic one mounted on the front (two passes at one go)
  9. If your branches are produced on the farm anyway why not burn on site or create Eco-plies?
  10. Avant would still be better for various other reasons imo
  11. david

    unimog din mount.

    ducker and tp are more or less the same but opposite. if you know what i mean. ducker on the front, tp on the rear. Front mount is the way to go with mogs
  12. Cleanwell is my choice only because they dont work with technical printed circuit boards, just simple enginering
  13. That's what I would be looking for. I used to buy timber from the cheap place round here, IV now learned by my mistake if you know what I mean.
  14. iv got a tp760 pto and my avant420 which lifts a max of 500kg can move it around (just)
  15. WS Diesels are the lambardini agents, may can help with engine and fuel. not sure on the hydraulic filter


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