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  • Shane Jones

    Review: Rhino Stumpgrinder Teeth

    Very cost effective and easy to use

    • Great cutting performance
    • Easy to sharpen
    • Clears debris well
    • None to mention

    I run a Predator 450 with the 27hp engine and a 6 point multi tip cutting wheel.


    I was loaned a set of these teeth by the manufacturers (Magnum Alpine) to try out. They supplied six ‘standard’ and two ‘large’ teeth.


    They should be used on a Rhino wheel but I had contacted them to check if they are compatible with my multi-tip wheel.


    The teeth fitted ok – using the rhino keeper blocks. I have tried the multi-tip keeper blocks and they fit just as well.


    The cutting performance is much better with the Rhino teeth. They demolished all sorts of stumps including holly and oak very quickly indeed. I would say the downward cutting is 2-3 faster though the slewing is probably about the same.


    The teeth are a straightforward horseshoe shape about 30mm wide so they are easy to sharpen. I have only sharpened them once but the cutting afterwards is very good.


    The teeth look as if they are machined rather than cast, and the keeper blocks are a very tight/precise fit.


    We found the debris was cleared better by keeping a pair of old multi-tips in the two inner-most positions and running Rhinos in the other four.
    Bear in mind this is running on a multi-tip wheel and NOT the Rhino – so there could be further gains with the full Rhino set up.


    The cost of the Rhino teeth is about the same as multi tips but they are very easy to sharpen.


    Overall I would say they cut faster (considerably), cost about the same as multi-tip and are easier to sharpen.


    I recommend people to consider these teeth.
    I have also recently been informed that the distribution of Rhino teeth and wheels will be through Rotatech (formerly Saturn Machine Knives).


    Very cost effective and easy to use.

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    User Feedback

    i have been using these for quite some time now on a multi tip wheel. they are much more robust than multitip teeth

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    Where did you get them for the same price as multi top teeth??

    Northern arb supplies have them at 23 quip plus vat each, a multi tip tooth is about half that .

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    Hi guys I would like to know what is the set up using rhino teeth with hexagonal/multi-tip wheel...

    There are two types of rhino teeth: Standard and XL...which ones go to outer most pockets, middle pockets and inner most ones?


    Thanks a lot for any reply...


    Have a good weekend....



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    1. Ian C is right. The rhino teeth have become more expensive - but they can be re-sharpened several times if you don't let them get too rounded. We use a diamond wheel for sharpening, expensive but faster, no green dust and long lasting (there's another thread somewhere with all the details).

    No doubt some cheap Chinese alternatives will appear at some point.


    2. WE use old knackered multi-tips on the inner-most pockets as 'cleaners' so they cost nothing.


    3. The bigger rhinos are more aggressive and it depends on your machine's power.

    On a 25ish HP machine the smaller ones are just fine - we don't buy the bigger ones now.


    It is worth enquiring to see if you can get a deal anywhere, but overall the performance and resharpenability (?) make it a no brainer. Suits me cos I got no brain.

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    does anyone else get suspicious when they see a glowing review and a link to the supplier from a guy whos not posted anything else!

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    Better ask Steve how that happened.

    On November 5th last year I had only 2 posts?????

    Now I've got 2.4k ?


    I guess if I like something I must be something to do with the supply company.

    Most people on here work for Stihl or Husqvarna.



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