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  • MJD Tree Fella

    Review: MS 150t

    • Light, capable for it's size, Stihl, relatively slim price tag
    • Not for dismantles

    As someone relatively new to the Arb industry my search for a new top handle to add to my Chainsaw fleet was far more in depth than I initially thought it would be.


    Already the owner of a Stihl 200t, and with a number of pruning jobs on the horizon, I wanted something a bit lighter on my harness but something that was still capable of handling more than just the odd pruning cut.


    The Stihl 150t had a variety of reviews online and with my local Arb friends. This ranged from 'great saw, wish I had one' to 'why buy a 150 when you have a silky?'.


    In the end I took the plunge, the upcoming pruning jobs would cover it's purchase and hopefully it will be used more and more.


    It wasn't a bad decision. The 150t is a special little saw. So light on my harness that during it's first days work I had to regularly question whether I had it with me in the tree! Okay, it doesn't have the guts of a 200/201 but that's why I already have a 200. 


    A dream saw for any pruning work and even a pleasure to used on a small dismantle. The only downside was having to get the Husky up about 5 metres sooner than you would with a 200t but the 150 made light work of every limb on the way up whilst also being extremely easy manouver around the tree.


    All in all the 150t is a fantastic little saw, that like any tool in your arsenal, has it's niche. In this case predominantly pruning and you have to take this into consideration every time you use it. It's not going to take a 16" bar and dismantle huge trees, so you'll just over work it doing too much heavy work but that's why you have a 200t. Similarly, it's not going to replace your silky, that annoying branch right next to your rope or face is removed far more safely by hand than by saw. But what it will definitely do is amaze you with it's lightness, surprise you with it's actual capability (despite the doubters) and make you very glad you took the plunge in getting one. 

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    Concur with the review. I use mine for pruning almond, olive, walnut, hazel, holm oak and pine. It has the grunt to get through really hard wood but is light enough to let you work one handed all day. The other thing it's great for is cutting your way through forest when doing an initial inspection, so you can keep your compass in one hand and it in the other. For big cuts,  I use an Echo 490 ES with an 18" bar which I'll review in a bit. 

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    Are you guys using the 10'' or 12'' bars on the 150t?

    Definitely the 10”. It gets very boggy on a 12”
    Great little pruning tool.

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    12 for me.  I’m sure it performs better on a 10 but as I rarely use it for anything over 5” I’d rather stick with the 12 and have slightly more reach 

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    What are the citation levels like on the 150? The spec sheet says 5/5 which is a lot. How does it compare to the 200/201T in this respect?

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