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  1. HenF

    what Is this??

    can anyone help identify what this strange green/red patches are on the left of the timber?? some kind of fungi?? or is it a more uncommon natural beauty? it is a lump of ash that came off a dead ash tree a couple of months ago ill try and get some better pics which show up the amazing colours better
  2. HenF

    best ms460 mill setup?

    Thanks for all your help It has been down a couple of months already I think I will have to consider getting a 660!
  3. I am just wondering what you guys recon is the best setup for a 460? ( it has a dual port muffler) I have quite a bit of ash that needs milling but do you recon it will cope with a 30'' because the 25'' isn't quite long enough for quite a bit of the timber I have to mill? What about solid nose bars? Or is it time to get a 660
  4. Has anyone used one of these? very seriously looking at one and just wondering what is reliability/ parts etc like? with 35 tons at that speed i dont recon there is much it wont split or am i wrong? thanks for your help guys
  5. HenF

    Arbortec Breatheflex Type C Chainsaw Trousers

    I am yet another lover of these great trousers. top marks all round! anyone got any reviews for the new blue ones yet?
  6. HenF

    MS 150t

    Are you guys using the 10'' or 12'' bars on the 150t?
  7. I am fairly new to this trade, and am looking at getting training/qualifications as soon as possible. just wondering, is it possible to get public liability insurance without the qualifications for the time being just to do a few smaller jobs and to get a bit of income (and experience) and to help fund the training? how much would this cost? thanks your advice is appreciated!
  8. HenF

    560xp not returning to idle?

    the piston rings disintegrated and left both the pot and piston heavily scored. probly excessive wear or it could be that i was using a 24'' on it which it didnt really like my friend has a fairly new 560. will have to give it a shot and see how i get on
  9. HenF

    560xp not returning to idle?

    yep! now very seriously considering a ms362. the 560xp has had no end of problems and parts are expensive too.
  10. HenF

    560xp not returning to idle?

    thanks, just had a closer look and discovered one of the 3 little springs has snapped. sorry to be thick but has that caused it not to return to idle or has 2 different problems happened at the same time?
  11. Sorry am a newbie on here... I have a 560xp (2011? i think) which had a new genuine pot and piston a few months ago and i have only done about 30 hours ish work with it since. i was using it yesterday to limb and chop up a dead ash which we felled. After a while when i released the throttle it would not return to idle and the chain would continue rotating at a fairly decent pace. also when you applied the chain brake it stalled?! any ideas what the problem is?


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