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  1. Noone has forgotten stu. Noone 😅
  2. It's a 2017 much less power than the 2014 540xp, and even more so than the 2020 one I just got! I don't really notice that much difference between the Stihl 201 and echo 2511 tbh, both slow right down on bigger stuff
  3. 540 for me. Have had both for a while and switch between them, 2 weeks ago the husky broke, so I ordered another immediately rather than be stuck with the 201, it's just nowhere near as powerful and useless at chogging down. Always notice the extra power when pick up the husky. Last one was the mk1 I've had since 2014 and been fine, new one is MK2, only done 2 days with it but feels a better saw
  4. Have you got the vid where you can pull the rollers apart, with the spring on, by hand. That one shocked me! Need a tool to open mine for extra leverage even with the springs taken off. I honestly think that chipper isn't fit for purpose and should be taken back with a refund given with a deduction for use obviously. It doesn't chip, it doesn't feed, or reverse with the bent metal so thin it catches on the hopper, and then it's so thin on the roller mechanism it's out of shape and needs to be bent back regularly with a tool designed for the job! If it were a dog I'd take out out back and shoot it
  5. Best hope he doesn't have any bills between march and June or need food or anything then. I'm self employed and need to do a few days to keep up with things and that's without paying the rent as just can't afford it
  6. What issue is that then? Perfectly common, no? Nothing worse than bullshit from a professional company. No better than a used car salesman
  7. You can see the difference between the GM one and my one, and it looks much more like the Chinese copy imo
  8. Better than the one greenmech uses which looks like it came from wish.com
  9. The filter from my chipper if helps. Same engine I believe. I'm on 210 hours
  10. So if he bought it in France the service would match the UK?
  11. Why does GM allow their international branches operate on a different ethos to the areas surrounding the factory ?‍♂️ Stuart's 150 is unusable imho from what I've seen of it, none of which began since the lockdown. I know if my chipper developed even a minor fault it'll be collected from site with a new machine left in its place, because this exactly what happened
  12. Coincidentally that's Stuart when his engine won't start
  13. Especially when the website states: GreenMech are proud to offer a 3 Year Warranty as standard on all products. This warranty is a “no quibble”, unlimited cover on parts and labour and is unmatched by any other manufacturer.
  14. I'd have thought dealers should have pretty much everything on the shelf ready to go for either sales or warranty work


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