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  1. dan494

    Northern Arb ...... Please wake up .

    The wording makes it sound like you need to give the saw an oil change. Whoever made that has zero idea how a saw works
  2. dan494

    Northern Arb ...... Please wake up .

    Had to chuckle at their Instagram post recently
  3. dan494

    Best wheel clamp

    That's the one I have, very solid for on site, imagine a cordless grinder would get through it with a bit of time overnight. They come up on eBay quite a bit, got mine for £50
  4. dan494

    United Colours of GreenMech!

    I like that British racing green colour
  5. What's he ever said derogatory? One of the nicer guys on here imo
  6. That's obviously worth the switch. Don't know if it's the same petrol engine though as I went from 35hp diesel Kubota to 37hp petrol and haven't noticed extra fuel use. Plus I use pump fuel as nowhere to store red so the petrol is cheaper, plus the chipper is £2k cheaper than the diesel so makes sense
  7. Are diesels on big machines really that much better at hours per gallon? My chipper is no worse than a diesel
  8. stump grinder engines go on one pot cos of the angle they work at. I replaced an engine on my rayco last year (a 1997 one.. original engine) last year and cost about £1200 for a brand new engine, not a big deal really! dont forget petrol engines in cars can do 200000 miles no prob! half hour chipping a day is nothing
  9. I looked into reviews of the engine before getting a petrol chipper and the 37hp enging they using has been clocking up 2000 hrs + on lawn tractors etc in america with no issues. Just as good as a diesel imho
  10. buy yourself a bugnot and a panel van and track it in to gardens, can be a one man pallet destroying machine
  11. dan494

    Loading ramps?

    ive got these ones which I use to drive a rayco rg25 onto a transit, I wouldnt want to try with anything heaver though tbh as they flex a bit but the light weight and fold down nicely, but these guys have a good range. I'd go for a heavy duty non folding pair for the bandit https://www.theramppeople.co.uk/folding-loading-ramps-trp615-pair-2750mm-long-280mm-wide
  12. dan494

    The Crypto coin thread

    $10000 for a bitcoin when this thread started, $3500 today and still plummeting and still not in use in any of the predicted retailers
  13. dan494

    Black Friday Deals

    Hope so. Got the sugihara bar and chain on it at the mo, find the chain dull when they are brand new and doesn't seem to oil properly and getting a Stihl chain off the shelf from any dealer is a bonus
  14. ordered one of those panther bars so look forward to giving it a go
  15. dan494

    Black Friday Deals

    wasnt planning on getting anything but saw chainsawbars was doing a bit off so grabbed a new sugihara bar for my 201 and one of the panther bars to try out on my echo 2511


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