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  1. How long did it take you to get to that point? I'm finding it a bit easier each year, be nice to give up advertising though, but only spend about £100 a month on average so not a massive deal
  2. Pretty much the same as that. Maybe 40 on the website this year as beginning to get work generated from our Facebook page so 5-10% there
  3. Ms441, Ms461 or Ms661?

    thought you used the 261s as much as possible
  4. Anybody tried the new Kombi engines yet?

    Yeah my dad has a 56. I wouldn't want one over the 94, I find the 56 a bit bulky and vibrates noticeably more
  5. Tiny echo!

    Just test started mine with the break on, usually have it off. Fired first pull and hasn't run since last week. Was thinking if you starting it with it in and giving it a couple of revs it might be causing the wear?
  6. Bargain saw...?

    stick with a known brand then is the moral of the story?
  7. Tiny echo!

    How did you manage to wear out a break band in that time?? Are you starting it with the brake on causing the hard start as well?
  8. Bargain saw...?

    Looks like a bargain. Can't see any trace of them online or would have one as a backup for that money
  9. Kombi Purchase

    Defo get a km94 around £280 at even the pricier dealers. I've had one a couple of years now and use it for everything from strimming the garden to chainsaw work with an extension. Only downside right now is there are no stihl hedgecutting attachments in stock anywhere
  10. Making the news today....

    I'd love to take them away from him too!
  11. Making the news today....

    I'm no trump fan but at least he sounds like he means business. The world can't have this nut with nukes. He's already firing missiles over Japan and close to other neighbours in the area
  12. Stihl msa160t

    It would weigh a ton to have enough juice to power a 25 inch plus bar and most likely take all morning to charge up
  13. Greenmech Arb 150p

    Efi = electronic fuel injection https://www.vanguardengines.com/na/en_us/product-catalog/engines/big-block-vtwin-vertical-shaft/vanguard-370-gross-hp-efi.html
  14. Greenmech Arb 150p

    I'd get the bigger engine no question. Will be less stressed, and hopefully live longer whilst being more productive
  15. Greenmech Arb 150p

    Is there any difference under the hood to help sway it?


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