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  1. Hi Stumpy... i was wondering what type of diamond wheel you bought? Coarse, medium or fine? I found out that the green wheel sharpens the carbide fairly quickly comparing to diamond one... I use green teeth and have the pillar drill and bench grinder set up... i bought this wheel from ebay...https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/100x10x20mm-Diamond-Flat-Disc-Straight-Grinder-Grinding-Wheel-150-Grit/191880025092?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 might be useful for 900 and up green teeth series as the diameter of the tooth is bigger. I use 500 series and the width of the wheel i bought first time and still using it is 6mm i think... the smaller the wheel diameter the better concave finish on the tooth. It takes between 3-5 minutes to sharpen a tooth depending on how blunt
  2. Hi guys I would like to know what is the set up using rhino teeth with hexagonal/multi-tip wheel... There are two types of rhino teeth: Standard and XL...which ones go to outer most pockets, middle pockets and inner most ones? Thanks a lot for any reply... Have a good weekend.... L
  3. Hi guys I was wondering what would be the set up for hexagonal wheel/ 6 point multi tip cutting wheel using rhino teeth... I came across one thread where it is recommended to use two multi-tips together with rhino teeth... ''We found the debris was cleared better by keeping a pair of old multi-tips in the two inner-most positions and running Rhinos in the other four'' My question is what rhino teeth to use in outer-most position and middle position...? There are two types... Standard and XL... 2 Standard teeth for outer-most position and 2 XL for middle position? or the other way round? Thanks a lot L
  4. I do stump grinding so I don't really poison the stumps. started this thread as my mate wanted to know if the stumps should be poisoned before grinding...
  5. Ahh.. I know this ''invincible'' one. I am using Ammonium Sulphamate. Thanks for replies...
  6. Hi guys I was wondering what type of trees should be poisoned before grinding out. There are some resilient trees like robinia and they can still produce shoots from their roots even after grinding out. Any other trees I should be aware of? How long to wait for the poison to take effect? I usually wait 6 weeks. I heard 2 weeks but that might not be enough? Thanks for the replies. L
  7. Hi guys... I own rayco rg13 II series. I recently converted from finger teeth to green teeth. When grinding for longer period the belt cover gets really hot. Just wondering if it's not the clutch slipping and slowly wearing off. I checked the clutch today and found between springs ''powderish'' grey dust. Is the belt too tight? Will loosening it help? Better worn out belt than clutch. The westcon are asking fortune for centrifugal clutch... Any advice appreciated.... Thanks a lot...
  8. Hi everyone the other day I was told that when sharpening stump grinder teeth I should grind off a little bit of the undersite of tungsten. That's the bit which actually hits the stump. I just grind off themetal part of tooth + edges of tungsten tip to make nice sharp edge. Let me know your opinions whether i should do the undersite as well. I used bench grinder, metal disc and green disc (C60 J5 V15 FA 8584688 200x20x31.75) but yesterday got the diamond bench grinder disc from Abtec4Abrasives / Sanding / Grinding / Polishing (Bench Grinding Wheel. Diamond Abrasive / Abtec4Abrasives) and the diferrence it made is great. Less dust, less vibration, minimum of sparks and nice smooth finish. I was wondering whether I still should use the other metal disc to grind off metal portion of tooth and then grind off the rest of tungsten with diamond disc or do the whole tooth with diamond disc. Dont want to ruin the diamond one, quite expensive but should last 20x longer than green one mentioned above. cheers for the reply


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