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  1. hi no cooks agent in the uk they will ship to the uk watch shipping cost not cheap
  2. croft

    looking for

    hi i am looking for a tirfor tu 16 or similar thourt had one but sold be for i could arrange to collect it thanks croft
  3. in the usa they do not always use pc for dump bodies as pc brakes off in blisters could chris pearce send this to canada on the facebook page the problem is pictured tks
  4. croft

    contact help

    hi are TCF Engineering still trading i am trying to place an order they have not anssered e mails and i have no phone numbers thanks
  5. croft


    here is a link https://www.facebook.com/groups/woodlandmills/
  6. croft


    hi please look at face book woodlands mills dec 10 about bush for mills thanks
  7. croft

    used winch

    hi i am looking for a used rope winch such as maasdam or power puller thanks
  8. croft

    band saw blades

    yes but he will not send packs of five have you used eps blades croft
  9. hi are eps band saw mill blades any good as ripper shipping is a joke croft
  10. hi try bearingboys they may have thanks
  11. hi i think the courror will take at least another week as it can take 7 days for 20 miles then have to find a local forklift all good fun
  12. hi there youtubes that will show you as well by woodlands mills also check the drive belt aligment first then fit and check the blade thanks
  13. hi please contact me thanks croft
  14. check the u tube for hoe the tension works on the carrage lift works woodlands works best in my opion tks croft
  15. hi a hm126 year 2020 can have a moving guide as a extra s usa web site tks croft


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