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  1. Could you put in a non return valve after both the electric motor and engine? That way if you forgot to change the levers round before starting it wouldn't cause pressure problems? And with non return valves you wouldn't need to switch anything. Just either start the 12v or the engine...
  2. Hi there, I would be interested in further details if that's ok? Kind regards, Thomas
  3. thomasvdb7


    That's exactly what I'm talking about! Great bit's of kit these! I priced one up- came out at about £14K+VAT. This is what I was wondering about linking together with the Logosol mill. If you played it right you could have the mill be demountable so that you could use the trailer and crane for collecting logs...
  4. thomasvdb7


    I wholeheartedly agree regarding the usefulness of a loader. But on a mobile mill there just isn't a way to tow a mill of this size and also get a loader to site that will lift the 2t+ logs that the machine will mill. Unless, of course it's a few days of milling and so worth paying for the transport to get a machine on site. But in that case I would probably look at getting the wood to the yard instead. A lot of my work is mobile milling for others and pretty much always it's a place that doesn't have a machine to load so I'm doing everything with a winch. My only other option that I can think of is getting the logosol mill and mounting it on a ti axle Ifor or similar and having a good size hiab on the trailer too. But you would still struggle to lift more than 1.5t with the kind of hiab that will be able to be mounted to a trailer... It's a tricky one really.
  5. thomasvdb7


    The woodmizers are a lot more expensive for the same things you can get on a £24k trak met machine and, to be honest, I think the trak-met machines look far more solid. The b1001 with smart set is about £15K+VAT without a trailer, so probably £17k or so with a trailer. It's a good price for a solid machine but I think when you are looking at logs that size you need hydraulic handling if it's a mobile mill.
  6. thomasvdb7


    £15k, that would be a steal- I'd drive into europe for that price. What I've priced up- which is pretty similar is £24k+VAT. I don't like the woodmizer offering and logosol don't have a hydraulic option otherwise I would be going for that instead as wait times a much less. A B1001 will cut about 850mm and a wide head on this machine will cut just over a meter.
  7. thomasvdb7


    Fair enough. It's a crazy wait for them at the moment. Earliest delivery date if an order was placed now would be Feb next year.
  8. thomasvdb7


    Thanks, I may well do (i'm already in contact with him) but wanted to hear feedback from an owner who has no interest in selling them!
  9. thomasvdb7


    I'm down near Oxford, so about a million miles from you! Thanks for your PM- I'll call you in the next couple of days. Thanks again!
  10. thomasvdb7


    Just wondering if you've used this much now and how you are getting on with it? I'm considering the same machine... Particularly interested to know how the 12v hyraulics cope with the logs you are putting on it and what the quality of cut is like with the wider head/smaller band wheels combo. Hopefully you don't mind sharing your experience for other interested sawyers!
  11. Hi Nick, i've found this post by searching for the same thing Tom did. Are you a haulier? I have a couple of loads to go from Pangbourne to Newbury. If this is the kind of thing you do please could you give me a call or pm me? 07432290359 Thanks!
  12. Put a post with details on here if you fancy. There may be somebody interested who doesn't regularly browse the classifieds...
  13. I've been really interested in one of these but haven't gone ahead with a purchase yet. Please do let us all know how you get on with it (and a video if you fancy!!). Looks like a great piece of kit...
  14. Douglas Fir? I've always found that very hard on the blades.


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