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  1. I've run an echo 360ts as my only climbing saw for over 2 years. I thrash the shit out of it and it hasn't missed a beat. I've replaced the sprocket, the exhaust cover and the pull start spring. The saw and parts are really cheap compared to Stihl. It's lighter too.
  2. Then sack him and get the next guy. Facebook is great for finding casual labour.
  3. I was doing a dead tree once, I don't remember what. It wasn't rotten and I was happy with my anchor point, I was running around it like it was a healthy tree and didn't think about it being dead. I went out on a branch, cut the end off and the branch I was standing on snapped. I dropped the saw onto my hand and cut a chunk out just bellow my middle finger. Luckily the saw wasn't running full noise and the branch didn't damage any thing.
  4. You can't legally be self employed unless you are a resident or on a specific work visa. You can't be self employed on a working holiday visa or most work visas. However if your only planning on being here a year then by an invoice book, keep quiet about your immigration status and charge gst on top. You earn more than twice as much as a sub contractor than as an employee. You'd be lucky to start on $25 an hour on the books. As a subby you should be getting about $50 an hour plus %15 gst. Every one in new Zealand is covered by ACC. Accident insurance. Good luck.
  5. Get some powerline rods with a hook on the end.
  6. Groundies who sit on there arse and wait till the whole trees down before they even think about doing anything. Plastic roofs. Rusty metal stakes that look like saplings. Phoenix palms. The client following you around saying "be careful" and standing in the drop zone after you've asked them to move 3 times already. Lazy colleagues. Bad cups of tea.
  7. If you are a climber then you shouldn't have an issue getting residency. NZ are crying out for arborists. If not then it's still do able you just won't have so many companies offering you work. Nptc certs don't count for anything over here. You don't need any qualifications to use a chainsaw or even to climb. Most companies and immigration however prefer that you are a level 4 arborist. I completed my qualification in about 12 months because I had previous experience. I would recommend getting in contact with treescape. They are new Zealands biggest company and are constantly hiring. Also check out trademe.co.nz It's alot easier to get a job offer when your over here rather than trying to do it from the other side of the world. If your under 30 get a working holiday visa. If not and you have a UK passport you get a 6 month tourist visa on arrival. Then get a job offer and apply for a work visa. I wouldn't waste your time ringing immigration they won't have a clue what your talking about in regards to qualifications. Personally I just knocked up a native. Good luck. Jack


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