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  1. Thank you for your response Joseph. I will be inquiring to Immigration NZ. It looks like I may have to go to the expense of the course conversion without knowing the outcome. All the best, Joe
  2. Hi guys, Has anyone here applied for residency in NZ? I have a RFS certificate (Level 2) Does anyone know what the equivalent NZ Level is to this certification? The cost of having my course assessed is large. If anyone has been through the process and can advise me on this that would be awesome! Many thanks in advance, Joe
  3. With regards to the PINTO used as a top tie it is not recommended by the manufacture, DMM, to be used in this way. I have been told by people who work with DMM that it side loads the pulley. It had not been tested for the application you are using it for. I am not saying you are not going to be OK using it but I made the decision to switch to an alternative T.I.P. after hearing that.
  4. I came to the same conclusion as above. Another consideration for me was the 'Friction chain' on the ZigZag was taking the climbers full weight when the wrench is not fully engaged. In the event of shock loading I do not know what effect this extra force (theoretically 2x as on DdRT) would have on the 'friction chain'. Taking into account the problems that Petzl have been having with this device I personally am not prepared to use my ZigZag with a rope wrench- a configuration it has not been tested for by the manufactuer. I believe Lyon are the distributers for Petzl in the UK. They are in a good position to advise on this.
  5. Interesting discussion. I think there are sure advantages to both methods. Above- eliminate the danger of block slipping and taking your primary climbing line with it. Also prevent damage to climbing line from pinching/running rope etc. Below- Minimise risk of cutting both lanyard and primary climbing line at once.. in order to leave enough of a space between lanyard and climb line this could increase shock load due to greater distance the work will fall. In the situation of intense stem shake I agree with the above comment by wooden hand. Some possible ways of reducing the likelyhood of this occurring could include leaving lower branches to dampen vibrations, letting rigging rope run or simply cutting smaller sections. I have heard of respected arborists putting the climbing line just below the sling and above where the block sits. I guess if you get your sling choked up tight to the stem this will minimise the risk of the rigging slipping down. However on a smooth barked tree I for one would not be willing to take the chance. In my opinion this issue is not clear cut and worthy of debate. Having read the comments above it would seem like the current industry practise in the UK is to have both above? Are there any NPTC or LANTRA assessors here that could clarify? Thanks!
  6. Thank you very much for your reply Morty. I will be heading up to the north island after the south and am looking forward to seeing Auckland. I am not able to work on this visit. If I really enjoy my time in NZ I would seriously consider moving out there some time in the future to work. One of the things I am keen todo on this visit is to do some climbing and get an idea of the variety of trees you guys work on. Cheers, Joe
  7. I am arriving in Christchurch and making my way up to Auckland before flying back to the UK.. I have a list of places that I would like to visit but no set plan this will change when I am out there. Really looking forward to going to Queenstown for the rock climbing, skydiving etc. I have heard there are lots of arborists in Auckland. Is that where you are? Is Auckland the best place for tree work? Thanks
  8. Hi all, I am heading out to New Zealand from the UK in a weeks time for a holiday and to travel around.. I am considering working there in the future. It would be really helpful to meet up and talk to other arborists about your experience of NZ. It would also be great to meet up for some recreational climbing- I am taking my harness, rope and basic SRT kit out with me. If anyone is in NZ or has contacts there it would be great to hear from you! All the best, Joe


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