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  1. New website!

    Not surprised it took a lot of man hours, there is an awful lot of content. But I have to say it looks very professional, and seems easy to find what you may be looking for. Well done.
  2. Can you spot my mistake??

    No one has it yet, it is quite clearly the boarding accross the road, one does not have the regulation red and white stripe.
  3. Should utility company remove tree?

    I don't think the OP actually said it was his tree, he said it was outside his house, I think we need clarity on actual ownership of said tree before saying too much more.
  4. Stihl 028AV Not Running

    Did you say you fitted a new gasket behind the carb? if so did the impulse hole in the gasket match up to the hole in the casing? Just wondered if you have inadvertantly blocked your impulse, or does this model have a separate line? in which case just ignore me.
  5. Overcoming Googlers!

    Tony You need a new boss.
  6. Wind Vane Governor

    But, contrary to the original post, the governor does not constantly 'richen' up the mix. It simply regulates the throttle butterfly. As engine revs drop the governor spring becomes master over the vane and opens up the butterfly allowing more fuel/air mix in which increases revs until the windvane becomes master of the spring and closes the butterfly to slow it down a little and prevent over-revving. Yes I can confirm that the wind vane IS connected to the choke, and therefore does richen the mixture. the windvane is connected to the choke shaft there is a bit of adjustment with putting the spring in different holes on the choke / governor lever the governor system was used mainly on the TS350 to presumably prevent "overspeeding" the abrasive disc Amfell, I believe that it is the same unit as on a disc cutter. Still unsure of how to tune it though. Thank's to all for your input. Sorry, have not got my quote's in properly.
  7. Wind Vane Governor

    Bump. Nobody ever tuned a governed saw.
  8. fs36 stimmer won't start?

    Running it with the choke on will increase revs, therefore head will spin. What happens when you shut the choke off? Does it die? If it does, like Sawchip said you have fuel starvation, check your fuel pipe and filter, if you have a cracked fuel pipe you will be drawing air and not enough fuel, also check fuel tank breather, the carb won't draw enough fuel if air can't get in to replace the fuel.
  9. fs36 stimmer won't start?

    Have you tried a different plug, and checked you have a good spark? If you have damp on the plug it sounds like you are getting fuel, but you could try a small ammount of petrol/2stroke oil, down the plug hole, and see if that gives you any firing. I tried a cheap carb in an old Husky strimmer, and then ended up with he old one back on. I'm not far from you and could test compression. It's not a big job to put a carb kit in, how old is it? probably never been changed from new. Unless someone has fiddled with the adjusting screws on the carb since it was last running they should be right. I just had a freebie chain saw that wouldn't run properly, a new fuel line and filter sorted it. If not sure what your doing, try watching this guy. [ame] [/ame]
  10. Carving Knives?

    Doesn't matter what brand you get as long as the hard steely bit was, MADE IN SHEFFIELD
  11. Wind Vane Governor

    Hi, I Have an old 08S, not run for years, I put in a carb kit, got it fired up. But how the hell do you tune it, when the governor keeps kicking in, and richening it up. Any tips much appreciated
  12. Need a new saw on a budget

    Look round af farm sales, if someone is selling up they might have something that suits. Or try your local saw shop, see if they have taken in any trade ins that you might like.
  13. Anyone?

    Anyone on here near to Farnborough that could take a look? Then report back.
  14. Freebie 017

    Yes did that, spark screen clean as new.
  15. Freebie 017

    OK new pipe and filter arived and I finally found time to fit it. Got the old line out and can confirm it was not of original type, just straight pipe with a seperate grommet, not only that, but it was 2.5"/5cm shorter than the replacement.This could explain why it appeared to run out of petrol with still an inch and a half in the tank, and why I couldn't get the filter out of the filler hole. Anyway long story a bit shorter, got it all back together, fired it up, tuned it a little, and put 2 tanks of fuel through it no problem. :thumbup:I am thinking it may be a bit heavy on fuel still, plug not quite the colour I would like. Having thought about this, I did tweak up the metering lever when I had the carb apart:001_rolleyes:, perhaps I need to tweak it back again. It doesn't seem to use much oil though, not compared to my 029, would this be normal, or is this another problem I need to tackle?


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