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  1. tony_t3d

    Plastic tree guards/tubes etc

    I will take a pic next time I'm passing bud
  2. I have the angle grinder, drill and a nail gun all using the same batteries. The angle grinder sees one off in minutes but the drill and nail gun will go a few day between charges.
  3. tony_t3d

    Coins in trees. Anyone seen this before?

    I have no pics, but there is one up on beacon fell near Preston / Garstang. There is a sign with info it's something to do with making a sacrifice to a lizard.... I could be making that up but for some reason it is stuck in my head....
  4. tony_t3d

    Wood identification

    I have tried a few times but it will not allow me to add the photos
  5. I am torn on whether I should try one of these or not. Anyone used one before. I have a lot of makita kit already so I have about 4 spare batteries lying around my workshop.
  6. tony_t3d

    Wood identification

    I'm on my way into work now my phone has a pretty good camera I'll see what I can do. Thanks for your help
  7. tony_t3d

    Wood identification

    It was originally drift wood (see original post above) this could possibly explain the discolouration.
  8. tony_t3d

    Wood identification

    Done. Hope it worked.
  9. tony_t3d

    Very vague!!

    A section of the wood cut
  10. tony_t3d

    Wood identification

    I did post about this a while back but I cannot find the original thread. I have now cut some to size and hopefully the grain is easier to identify. It is drift wood I found on the beach really nice wood I just don't know what it is. The pics are of the end grain and a cross cut. Thanks in advance 15185358279141518535851977
  11. tony_t3d

    Tree Of Life. BBC1. 11/02/18. 5:00pm

    As it has been mentioned before I am a songs of praise virgin but I think I will pop my cherry.. N jump on BBC I player
  12. tony_t3d

    Plastic tree guards/tubes etc

    This is one of my gripes. Although we maintain one particular site we always ensure they are removed once required. Whilst we are on this topic let me vent my annoyance regarding the raught iron tree guards that are never removed. We have just had a full row of trees cut down simply because they grew too large and began to get restricted by it.
  13. tony_t3d

    the 'todays job' thread

    Hi mate second from the bottom is that a hospital in Liverpool? Or am I mistaken?
  14. tony_t3d

    watch the birdy

    In light of this development and also recent historic sex offenders being jailed.... Maybe old Fred...
  15. And in Liverpool too [emoji106] [emoji106] thanks for the heads up ill be booking that!


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