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  1. Climbers death - kick back.

    Iv always found them a hindrance really bulky. Like wearing chainsaw pants on your arms and shoulders. Only helped me on horthorns.
  2. What are most secure garage doors?

    Slightly off topic but still relevant, a good friend of mine was hugely enthusiastic about his motorbike, it was his life so to protect it he built a lean to to keep it dry, installed cctv to keep and eye on it, He had chain locks through both wheels into the frame. And Disc lock on both wheels. And exactly as mentioned above they found a way around it. They simply lifted the wheelz onto scare boards and wheeled it off. And wore balaclava to conceal their faces.
  3. Stupid mistakes you've made doing tree work

    I was cutting tree covers off trees that no longer needed them using my on knife to snip the cable ties instead of a pair of pliers like any normal person. I slipped with the knife and buried it into my thigh I have nerve damage and no feelings in my right knee. On the plus side it gives me a great place to rest a hot cup of tea. Another knife incident of mine not Arb related yet still stupid. The missus and I had just bought our first house together we got the keys on 1st Dec and I promised we would be in before Xmas. It needed everything kitchen, bathroom top to bottom decorating so I was burning the candle at both ends to get it ready whilst she and our kids stayed at her mother's. It got to midnight and I decided to cut one last piece of pvc before bed and made the stupid mistake of cutting towards myself with a Stanley knife. I buried that into my hand through muscle and tendons. To make it worse my wife had the car and the kids so couldn't take me to hospital I was home alone so ended up calling myself an ambulance. The landing and 2 of the bedrooms still have claret stains when the carpets are up. My wife being the sympathetic soul that she is gave me a bollocking and then told me to make sure when I went home in the morning there was no blood on the new wallpaper.
  4. milling pics and vids

    What an art. I want to try an Alaskan mill myself
  5. Arborist Specific First Aid Courses

    How many students would you need to justify coming up norf to run a course... I can organise the location no problem
  6. Tis the season to see Fungi, fa la la la la....

    Got no knowledge of fungi whatsoever but here is a pic of a pine I felled last year with some Interesting fungi growing on.
  7. Risk assessments

    Thanks Paul
  8. Risk assessments

    That makes sense. I suppose it only takes 10 mins to knock one up pre job. So long as you ha e had a good chance to survey the site
  9. Stupid mistakes you've made doing tree work

    Not entirely my fault but I should have had more moral grit to say no but. My boss used to regularly send me felling at ground level but would only give me a guy called cliff as my second man. Now cliff is a really good friend nice man but he suffers really bad with ptsd and also Huntingtons disease ( a mixture of dementia, MS and parkingsons) so without being disrespectful to him he shouldn't have been in that environment. Should I have had an accident he would have been no use to me what so ever.
  10. Are these the most expensive logs?

    I do a lot of camping with my kids and iv seen this more and more In recent years. Alot of camp sites say no fires unless you hire thier chimea and buy their logs. I always take my own and play dumb if I'm questioned about it. I refuse to buy from a camp site for this reason.
  11. Be-Jeweled Beeches

    Stunning pics.
  12. Risk assessments

    Again this is possibly something different to the civilian way of doing it but the military work off 3 types of risk assessment. Specific : if it is a one off. You will make a risk assessment specific to that exercise Generic: 1 risk assessment that covers that exercise no matter how many times it takes place. Dynamic: is an addition to the above should anything arise that was not planned in generic or specific risk assessments this can be recorded post event. This is my confusion. I think I need to speak to a H&S rep for clarity.
  13. Risk assessments

    So as I have mentioned in previous threads I am contemplating setting up my own business Im this industry. I have dealt with risk assessments as a Physical Training Instructor in the Army every lesson had to have one done but these were always generic to that lesson. Ie if I done a circuit class u had 1 risk assessment for circuits not one for each Individual lesson. My question is how similar is the approach needed in this industry as obviously every tree every garden every single job is wildly different does each job require its own risk assessment or does 1 generic one cover you so long as it's updated as and when required?
  14. milling pics and vids

    Beautiful grain in that! That will look once sanded and varnished!
  15. Why I love using ladders for tree work

    Nope! hate ladders for some reason.. Just don't trust them. I need to be roped into something [emoji23] [emoji23]


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