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  1. So the tail end of last year the organisation I work for had a vacancy that sparked my interest. Same pay as I was on same benefits ( leave allowance, pension bla bla) and in a nice warm office with a new boss ( I didn't get on with the narcissistic sociopath I worked for previously) I am enjoying my new job but no longer on the tools more involved in the planning / transport / vehicle side of life. I think I'm gonna try my hand at carving just to keep my hand in. I had a bit of a fall in the summer through complacency (short story shit year and my mind was elsewhere) kinda rocked my confidence. I intend on doing some recreational climbing as my eldest 2 kids are starting to get into it. All that being said I'm now in a really good place with new doors opening. I have a few bits that I will never need again and are pretty much new. I have a DMM hitch climber set up never used. A steel braid lanyard used twice. A few ropes used for climbing so would recommend them to be used for rigging. They are good condition and I would happily climb on them as I know the history. One is a black rope in a RAB rope bag. I have other bits and pieces too, karabiners, and rope bags ect ect. message for info I'm open to sensible offers or a possible trade for a carving saw.
  2. Thanks for the advice. I had a little play today pretty pleased with it. I went for it for its versatility when out on the limbs.
  3. Thanks Mark your clearly a very optimistic person. I have been doing google searcjes every so often but doesny really bring much up. It has been a while since i have had to look for a vacancy
  4. The full system. I am buying a new rope either way so i will pay the extra and get a spliced eye. I didnt think about the interface with the hitch cord as it is quite compact. Thanks all for the advice
  5. Just bought one to have a play with. Looks like it would make limb walking alot easier. Anyone use one.? Dmm advise to only use spliced eye rope anyone tried it with a termination knot? Just wondered what the reason is. Im about to buy a rope with a spliced eye to go with it this week just need to call into the shop.
  6. Im sure you get sick of posts like this. Basically i currently do grounds maintenance including Arb work probably 20% of my work is Arb related the rest is anything from grass cutting, tractor driving strimming, hedge pruning the list goes on i have worked for this current company for 7 years and i need a change for a few reasons. I feel i am beginning to stagnate i am 30 working with 55-65 yr olds (no offence ment to anyone in this category) they have no drive and are stuck in the pre H&S world. i will never be promoted as the boss and i dont get on (as its a military site and most of us are ex military or serving reservist we cannot call him by his name instead we have to adress him as sir or colonel) . I want to move more into the Arb world i am currently qualified: Ground based felling climbing and areal rescue First aid Full clean heavy good licence MEWP licence I have tons of other quals i have aquired too but not relevant to this industry. Although not advised i do and have been doing full dismantles and pruning for about 2 years i am about to get qualified. My questions are... 1. Is there a better part of the year to look for vacancies (landscaping nd gardening tend to quieten down this timw of year) 2. Are there any well known companies in the NW of England where i could cut my teeth in the industry properly albeit on lower pay? 3. Local coincils. Are they worth perusing for Arb work or do they tend to work with subbies. My local ones would be sefton, Liverpool, Halton and knowsley. 4. Last one. Other than moving onto quals for chainsaws use from a rope and harness. are there any other quals that i would benifit from gaining whilst i am in full time employment. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi guys, so far i have done felling and cross cutting plus the next one up for larger diameter, climbing and areal rescue. I am now looking to do another course. But i am unsure as to which one. I had a quick look on myerscough college website as its there I will be going. Is there a set path i should follow? Is one more beneficial than the other? Apologies for not knowing the actual course titles arb isnt my full time job (YET!) i do basic ground maintenance on an army camp and tree work is a small part of what i do although its what im most passionate about. And also no one i work with has a clue about trees so im constantly banging my head against a brick wall. Thanks in advance.
  8. I got a pair of portwest ( i think probably the cheapest made iv seen) they was rated for ground based chainsaw work with all around protection except for the arse. Quality wise they are pretty good i used them as back, back, back up i think they was only in the £60 region. My employer bought them and you cant refuse free kit its a law.
  9. I will take a pic next time I'm passing bud
  10. I have the angle grinder, drill and a nail gun all using the same batteries. The angle grinder sees one off in minutes but the drill and nail gun will go a few day between charges.
  11. I have no pics, but there is one up on beacon fell near Preston / Garstang. There is a sign with info it's something to do with making a sacrifice to a lizard.... I could be making that up but for some reason it is stuck in my head....
  12. I have tried a few times but it will not allow me to add the photos
  13. I am torn on whether I should try one of these or not. Anyone used one before. I have a lot of makita kit already so I have about 4 spare batteries lying around my workshop.
  14. I'm on my way into work now my phone has a pretty good camera I'll see what I can do. Thanks for your help


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